Viral Video Captures Landlord Complaining About “Filthy” Apartment When It’s Clearly Spotless (26 Pics)

 Tenant-landlord relationships can be difficult. Especially if one of them has completely lost their mind.

A few days ago, Twitter user @voteforhani shared a video that shows her landlord complaining about her property being “filthy.” In the clip, which has since been viewed over 750,000 times, she’s pointing to various things in the kitchen, while saying to the tenant: “If you could take some pictures of dirty things.”

Hani explains that she is recording a video and zooming in on anything the landlord highlights.

Gesturing to what appear to be pristine appliances and cupboards, the landlord adds: “All the surfaces need to be clean, and the windows.” It’s a dirty trick, setting the stage for the grand finale — a fat cleaning fee.

Recently, a landlord went viral for all the wrong reasons

“I hate landlords,” Hani captioned the video. “Please watch as mine pretends our absolutely spotless flat is filthy.”

In a follow-up video, the tenant showed off more of the apartment, and it looks as clean as the kitchen. She added: “Everything is immaculate and in full working order! and she had the nerve to say she needs to deduct fees for the place not being clean! who do i write to?! [sic]”

Hani also explained that: “Last month [the landlord] was asking if we could extend our contract because she didn’t think she would find tenants to keep it as tidy as us.” Which could indicate that her disgust with the “filthy” apartment is just a charade.

Twitter user Hani shared a video of her landlord investigating her kitchen and criticizing its cleanliness, even though everything was spotless

Later, Hani showed the entire apartment

And anyone with a reasonable mind couldn’t find a single problem

Different governments have created different terms for landlords and tenants, so it’s important for both parties to know what the local rules are.

In New York, for example, rental agreements are required for tenancies that are 12 months or longer. But even though shorter lease terms are not required to be in writing, law firms highly encourage laying down rental agreements in black and white, so that both landlords and tenants have a document to refer to when there’s a disagreement.

“Many landlord-tenant disputes arise because [of] the contract terms,” the attorneys of Shapiro Gettinger Waldinger & Monteleone, LLP explain. “Having the terms written out in detail can help eliminate confusion and keep positive communication between all parties to the agreement.”

“Tenants need to be aware that they can change the terms of the lease before the agreement is final. Terms are always negotiable and can be tailored to specific circumstances for the parties to agree upon.”

Her experience started an important discussion on renters’ rights and predatory landlords

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Viral Video Captures Landlord Complaining About “Filthy” Apartment When It’s Clearly Spotless (26 Pics) Viral Video Captures Landlord Complaining About “Filthy” Apartment When It’s Clearly Spotless (26 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on August 31, 2021 Rating: 5

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