InfoWars Host Owen Shroyer Released After Turning Himself Into The FBI: ‘Political Persecution Is Now Happening On A Mass Scale’

The FBI and Joe Biden’s Justice Department is escalating its eight-month manhunt on Americans who dare protest the fraud-ridden election of Joe Biden by attempting to make an example of InfoWars host Owen Shroyer.

Shroyer was released hours after he turned himself in on Monday morning, after learning the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest on Friday.

“They held me for a couple of hours. I got in front of a judge and was able to negotiate the terms of my release. I have very strict conditions on that release” Shroyer said on a Monday broadcast of The War Room. “I am going to abide by them. As far as any details go, I am going to say I am not going to talk about it. You’ll have to address any questions or concerns to my attorney. I have a big legal fight ahead of me.”

Shroyer’s crime?

Attending Donald Trump’s speech alongside thousands of Americans and then walking around Capitol Hill.

In a complaint filed last Thursday, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force charges Shroyer with two federal crimes in connection with the Jan. 6 riot: illegally entering a restricted area on Capitol grounds and disorderly conduct.  The disorderly conduct charges stem from the InfoWars host marching to the Capitol, standing in a restricted area outside the building and shouting, “They stole the election, we know they stole it, and we aren’t going to accept it!”

Shroyer was previously barred from demonstrating on Capitol grounds in 2019 after accusing Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler of “treason” during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the second impeachment of Trump.

As the federal government attempts to bankrupt patriots with exorbitant lawsuits, conservatives are no longer welcome on the primary platforms used crowdfund. Shroyer launched a legal fund on GoFundMe over the weekend, but shortly after it amassed approximately $23,000 in donations, the anti-freedom platform suspended his account.

The InfoWars host maintains he is innocent, never had intentions for any violence and contends his crew sought to quell civil unrest during civil unrest on January 6.

“I am going to have to mount this defense and your support at DefendOwen.Com is going to be key. I am an innocent man. I am a God-loving man. I am a good man and I never went there to do any of the things that they’re claiming,” Shroyer explained during a Saturday broadcast. “It is widely believed that this is nothing short of total political persecution that is now happening in this country on a mass scale.

“It’s obvious I am innocent. I had no intent. The timing of it doesn’t even make sense. I never went into the building. We were never restricted anywhere as far as our walking is concerned,” Capitol Police never tried to stop us. There were never any barricades we had to get over. And we, again, tried to coordinate with Capitol Police saying, ‘Hey Alex Jones can try to stop this.”

Bodycam footage of an InfoWars crew member’s encounters with Capitol Hill Police confirms Shroyer’s account.

“You’ll notice you don’t see or hear from me much around the Capitol because I am just there as a journalist covering it. When I am down the street doing a promo video talking about 1776 or doing a report, I am there as a journalist,” Shroyer said. “Is journalism illegal? I don’t think so. There was never any intent to disrupt anything. There was never any plan or coordination. There was never any desire for violence. In fact, it was all the exact opposite. We were there because we wanted the congressional process to go on. We were there because we wanted to have a peaceful demonstration that we thought could change America for the better.”

InfoWars Host Owen Shroyer Released After Turning Himself Into The FBI: ‘Political Persecution Is Now Happening On A Mass Scale’ InfoWars Host Owen Shroyer Released After Turning Himself Into The FBI: ‘Political Persecution Is Now Happening On A Mass Scale’ Reviewed by Your Destination on August 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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