'The Epitome of White Privilege': White Woman Who Spit on Black Protester Might Have Hate Crime Charge Dropped

 On Jan. 6—the same day as the whiny wypipo rebellion at the U.S. Capitol—Black woman Keren Prescott was leading a Black Lives Matter protest outside the Connecticut Capitol building when she told an “all lives matter”-spewing white woman, Yuliya Gilshteyn, to “back up,” because she wasn’t wearing a face mask. Gilshteyn wasn’t even asked to back away because she was yet another fragile-ass melanin-not who still, in 2021, is pretending not to understand that the words “Black lives matter” do not, by any rule of the English language, imply that other lives don’t. All Prescott wanted was to get this maskless white woman TF out of her face—instead, Gilshteyn spat on her.

Gilshteyn was arrested and charged with a hate crime behind the incident of flagrant Caucasian nastiness, but now that hate crime might be dropped, according to the Washington Post.

From the Post:

Then, Gilshteyn, who was carrying a small child at the time, turned to her left and spat in Prescott’s face, hitting her glasses and mask, and retreated from the scene, according to a video of the incident. Gilshteyn, 45, of New Fairfield, Conn., faces multiple charges from the encounter — including felony hate crime of intimidation due to bias. The spitting incident was denounced by the Hartford state’s attorney as “the most foul thing I have ever seen.”

But the hate-crime charge may not hold up after a judge granted Gilshteyn special probation this week. The Wednesday ruling from Hartford Superior Court calls for Gilshteyn to enter accelerated rehabilitation, a pretrial diversionary program for first-time offenders in Connecticut. She was also ordered to complete 100 hours of anti-hate curriculum in the next two years.

Hartford Superior Court Judge Sheila M. Prats ruled that the hate crime and all of Gilshteyn’s charges would be dismissed if she completes the special probation program.

Gilshteyn spat on Prescott and ran away like the coward she is with the quickness, likely because she knew spitting in a Black person’s face would get her head busted to the even whiter white meat. (Seriously, have white people not learned anything from the Flavor of Love incident where Pumpkin almost got dragged by her wig for spitting in New York’s face?)

In May, Prescott told News 8 that during the protest, “It was not until we started saying ‘Black Lives Matter,’” that Gilshteyn “started to antagonize us” by chanting “all lives matter” and saying to the protesters “things like, ‘Black lives don’t matter.’”

“I am asking her to back up. I am looking at the officer because there’s an officer literally right in front of me,” Prescott continued. “This is not small. For many people, this is like the worst form, I would rather be punched… I didn’t even realize until I looked at the video that I had the spit on my glasses. I still had spit on my mask. And it wasn’t until probably an hour later that it finally registered. What if she has COVID? My grandmother would have been 101-years-old this year if she had not died of COVID last May.”

Now, Prescott is just pissed this nasty-ass woman gets to take some anti-hate program that’s apparently supposed to rid her psyche of all things that make her hate-crime-worthy.

More from the Post:

Prescott, who turned 40 the day of the ruling, was left in tears over a decision she described to The Washington Post as “the epitome of White privilege.” Prescott and her attorney, Ken Krayeske, argued that a judge would not have accepted accelerated rehabilitation — given to offenders who the court believes “will probably not commit more crimes in the future” — if a Black woman had spat on a White woman.

“When she attacked me and the police didn’t believe me, that was White privilege. When the police held me back and she was led away, that was White privilege,” Prescott said outside the courtroom, according to the Hartford Courant. “The fact she was in here today and didn’t even get a slap on the wrist, that is White privilege.”

“What is she going to learn walking away from this unscathed?” Prescott added, because, ultimately, that’s exactly what could happen.

According to Gilshteyn’s attorney, Ioannis Kaloidis, her client’s actions were “inappropriate” and “shocking,” but not racist. She said Gilshteyn acted out of frustration over mask mandates, not racism, as if public health measures during a pandemic would have anything to do with why she’s antagonizing BLM protesters.

“We don’t dispute that she shouldn’t have spit on her, but we dispute what caused it,” Kaloidis said. “To say my client is the epitome of white privilege is garbage.”

According to the Post, Gilshteyn helped her attorney check the rest of the racism denial boxes in the Caucasian’s Stay Lyin’ book by offering Prescott an apology this week saying what she did was—*yawn*— “completely out of character.”

Suffice it to say, Prescott isn’t impressed with another white non-apology.

Prescott is all of us.

'The Epitome of White Privilege': White Woman Who Spit on Black Protester Might Have Hate Crime Charge Dropped 'The Epitome of White Privilege': White Woman Who Spit on Black Protester Might Have Hate Crime Charge Dropped Reviewed by Your Destination on July 24, 2021 Rating: 5

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