The American workforce's hiring process has become entirely toxic.

 I graduated college in 2001 and immediately got into the workforce. I remember the hiring process - a few interviews, some awkward conversations discussing salary, and finally the offer - it usually look place in a few weeks at most. At the time, it seemed that most people would focus on getting a job they wanted with a company they'd like to work for, and the company would be looking for someone who was a good 'fit', meaning they'd have the potential to excel in the company and they'd enjoy them as an asset while the employee would enjoy their role at the company.

Fast forward to two decades later. I started my career in sales/marketing, and later moved into content creation in the marketing space. I copywrite, I do basic graphic design, and do lifestyle/product photography. I have over a decade of experience doing all three, and more than half of it was done while fully employed by an advertising agency. I have tons of references from both the freelance and agency world. I have a portfolio, a track record, a client list.

I found myself looking for a job amidst COVID like many others, and I'm absolutely blown away at what these companies are asking of applicants. It's hard enough to even get in touch with companies - even with a solid resume, verifiable references, and a comprehensive cover letter, you barely even get a returned contact.

Interviews upon interviews, frivolous personality quizzes, unscheduled hour-long calls to discuss said quizzes, team/roundtable interviews with a half a dozen people grilling you and throwing you curveballs, creative submissions galore (requiring substantial unpaid work or 'spec' work), additional references from each company, drug tests, background checks, etc.

I understand the risk involved with hiring someone new. As a freelancer I've been burned a few times and it's important to protect oneself as a business entity. But at some juncture, some sort of risk is involved. You simply have to take a chance on the potential employee. You have to be able to determine if someone is a fit without building a comprehensive profile fit for the CIA. And this is all before making an offer - much of the time all they're willing to provide as far as compensation is a range, many times they skirt the subject when asked.

I don't know if anyone else shares my sentiment, but I find it's seriously getting outrageous. Both parties assume some risk, but it seems like it's getting to the point where companies are seeking to eliminate all risk on their end while dragging applicants over the coals, subjecting them to endless hoops to be jumped through.

TLDR; the workforce now expects job applicants to work temporarily part-time for them without pay in an attempt to prove themselves without taking any due diligence or assuming any risk at all on their end.

The American workforce's hiring process has become entirely toxic. The American workforce's hiring process has become entirely toxic. Reviewed by Your Destination on May 27, 2021 Rating: 5

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