WATCH: Mother Of Criminal Suspect Who Was Killed By Police Insults President Trump (VIDEO)


New protests have started in Portland in response to a grand jury ruling that said officers were justified in using deadly force against Patrick Kimmons after he had just shot two people. Kimmons’ mother spoke at the rally explicitly describing what she would do to President Trump.

A Black Lives Matter activist spoke out stating, “Patrick was murdered because of White supremacy, because of the anti-blackness that has existed in this country since the beginning of time. The only way that we can prevent future murders like this is by abolishing the police.”

Kimmons’ mother shared, “Somebody. I am here. I will stoke the city streets. I will climb mountains, I will stand on the Empire State Building. I will go to the White House and tell Donald Trump-. F*** you up your a**. I am here. I am standing here. I am a black queen. You will not stop me. I am untouchable. I am unf***able. Come get on my team for justice for Patrick Kimmons. Let me show you what I’m working with.”

The crowd cheered and Kimmons’ mother continued, “I said let me show you what I work with my brothers and sisters.”

Other video footage revealed as on protestor shouted, “They’re spray painting us! Pepper spray! Pepper spray aimed right at us. Sh*t!”

The Black Lives Matter protests included loud speakers yelling at people in their hotel rooms and held concerts with lyrics which promoted rioting and looting.

One activist on the loud speaker yelled to the people in their hotel rooms, “It is incredibly disrespectful for all of you to be up here and you are so privileged. There is a memorial for a man who was killed and you think it’s more important to watch TV. That is their priority. Soft-. Get your priorities straight. This isn’t a joke. This is our family. This is our life. I see them opening and closing their blinds like this is an inconvenience for you. My life is an inconvenience for some people and that s*** is not okay. It just-. It makes me so angry. And it hurts. It hurts to see that people don’t give two s***s about what’s going on.”

Another video showed a small concert of singing and chanting, “Sh*t! I feel like taking some sh*t! Tow. Woah. I feel like breaking some sh*t. I feel like taking some sh*t. Argh. Woah. Woah. Let’s go! Say Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Say Patrick Kimmons. Scream his name!”

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