Trump Announces Game-Changing COVID Partnership with CVS and Walgreens

 At an official event today, President Trump announced a partnership between the Trump administration and CVS and Walgreens to aid in distributing any future Covid-19 vaccine. 

In the announcement, President Trump also says that the vaccine’s delivery and distribution will go directly into nursing homes at zero cost to the residents.

President Trump tells the crowd that he is “moving Heaven and Earth” to protect the seniors in America. Since the beginning of the virus, America’s senior population showed a significantly higher risk of mortality from Covid. Trump promised to “deliver lifesaving therapies in record time, and to distribute a safe and effective vaccine before the end of the year.”

The delivery will prioritize seniors first, as their vulnerability toward the virus is the highest. The deal will send CVS and Walgreens employees into senior homes to provide the vaccine in their residence. The companies will handle the details involved in the vaccine distribution.

This “prioritizing” of seniors is in direct contrast to Biden’s criticism, who said that Trump treated seniors as “expendable” during the pandemic. A laughable criticism since the majority of senior deaths happened in nursing homes run by states that have Democrat governors.

These governors sent infected patients into nursing homes, and the disease spread like wildfire. President Trump is taking a different approach by sending the vaccine into nursing homes rather than a deadly virus.

Regardless of their coverage, the President has promised this will be provided free of charge for all seniors.

Having two of America’s largest pharmacies working to help with the distribution, handle, and care of the vaccine will allow these companies to report vaccination data to corresponding health authorities.

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