Search Term "Can I Change My Vote" Skyrockets On Google, Biden Camp Should Be In a Full Panic

 Following the second presidential debate, in which President Donald Trump pressed his opponent, Joe Biden, on his involvement with his son’s alleged overseas business dealings, something interesting began to happen with a few particular Google search terms that likely has the Biden camp in a full panic.

According to The New York Post, following the debate, voters in several states — including the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and Minnesota — began searching the phrase, “can I change my vote,” and those same people were also searching, “Hunter Biden.”

Searches for those two terms saw a huge uptick according to data freely available from the search engine giant called “Google Trends.”

Perhaps the most interesting is as of this writing, in the top five Google Trends for the search term “change my vote,” one of the most-searched terms is “can I change my vote pennsylvania.” Of course, a win for Trump in Pennsylvania would be a massive blow to Biden, who calls The Keystone State one of his two home states.

It’s not difficult to understand why those search terms began to immediately trend leading up to and after the debate. Trump slammed Biden at the debate over the growing email scandal involving Hunter Biden, which for tens of millions of viewers was likely the first time they’ve heard of the scandal, as a vast majority of the mainstream media has either chosen to suppress the bombshell story or write it off as “Russian disinformation.”

Not only that, but roughly 65 million Americans have voted early, either at the polls or through mail-in voting, which means many likely had already chosen their candidate before news of the Hunter Biden email scandal emerged and grew legs.

It’s quite clear at this point that there are voters out there, in key states, who have some level of voter’s remorse and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that many of them are actively changing their votes.

Trump even weighed in on the news that the two terms were trending in states that he very much needs to secure victories in, reminding people that in most states, it’s absolutely legal to change one’s vote.

Former U.S. Naval officer Tony Bobulinski will sit down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night for what the network called an “extended” interview where Bobulinski — a former business partner of Hunter Biden who claims Joe Biden was in on many deals — will reportedly go into further detail about just how involved the Democratic presidential nominee was with his son’s shady overseas dealings.

Americans deserve to know if a presidential candidate is compromised by foreign entities and it’s already clear that Joe Biden isn’t up for the task of running this great nation mentally and physically.

Short of a massive, unprecedented October surprise from the left, at this point, the November 3 election is absolutely Trump’s to lose.

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