California Educators May Cancel Names Of 44 Schools With "Offensive" Names Like Lincoln, Washington and Feinstein

 Believe you me, cancel culture is a silly tool that’s still being deployed by the left, even though we don’t hear about it as much now that other stories and a presidential election dominates the 24/7 news cycle.

However, all one has to do is take a look at what the geniuses in the San Francisco public education sector are prioritizing at moment, even though school districts around the country still haven’t figured out the best way to deliver education to its students during a pandemic.

According to Fox News, officials in the San Francisco education system are making a push to change the names of 44 schools across the city due to what they call connections to slavery, genocide and colonization.

The group, known as the San Francisco School Names Advisory Committee, identified the long list of schools that apparently have offensive names according to today’s woke standard.

The “offensive” names, like Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington, looks like they’ll soon be scrubbed from history in the feces-covered streets of San Francisco.

How did they select such offensively-named schools for their cancel list? The group offered up the following reasoning:

“Anyone directly involved in the colonization of people, those connected to any human rights or environmental abuses, slave owners or participants in enslavement, and known racists and/or white supremacists and/or espoused racist beliefs.”

Even Sen. Diane Feinstein’s name — proudly displayed on Feinstein Elementary — is on the chopping block for an incident dating back to 1986 when she apparently replaced a vandalized Confederate flag.

Mariposa Villaluna, one of the wokest members of the panel, even strongly suggested that Thomas Edison be one of the names to consider striking from the signs of any schools, even though he’s not connected to slavery or oppression. So, why is America’s greatest inventor being canceled?

Simple, because of his alleged treatment of animals in the 19th century. Duh.

“He euthanized them without scientific research,” Villaluna argued in September, according to the SF Chronicle. “It wasn’t like hamsters in a cage, you know what I mean.”

No, ma’am, we absolutely do not know what you mean.

While students in San Francisco continue to be robbed of their right to public education because of the state’s silly, knee-jerk Coronavirus response, at least the names of their schools will be less offensive.

The notion is so ridiculous that parents, teachers and even principals at many of the schools are shocked that the group would prioritize something that’s probably at the bottom of any current list of priorities.

Board President Mark Sanchez admitted that the push to change the names of 44 schools during such a bizarre time is probably not going to sit well with most.

“I don’t think there is ever going to be a time when people are ready for this,” he said. “Predictably people are going to be upset no matter when we do this.”

No kidding, Mark.

What a sad, sad time in America.

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