Leftists Who Called Officer in Breonna Taylor Shooting a 'Murderer' Are Getting Bad News from His Lawyer

 In spite of the findings of an independent investigation and the rulings of a Kentucky grand jury, leftists are still claiming that Louisville Metro Police Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly is a “murderer.”

Mattingly was one of the officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor was the 26-year-old black woman who was killed on March 13 when police officers executed a warrant on her apartment during a narcotics investigation.

As leftists continue to defame Mattingly’s character, the officer’s lawyer has promised that legal recourse will be sought out to right the many wrongs of the left’s ignorant claims.

Many of these accusations are coming out because the left has successfully sold a series of lies about the Breonna Taylor case — all of which were debunked in the Kentucky attorney general’s independent investigation.

Despite numerous reports to the contrary, the investigation found that the warrant was for Taylor’s apartment, officers repeatedly knocked and announced themselves before entering and Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot Mattingly in the leg before the officers returned fire.

All of this evidence points to the fact that Mattingly is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Because of that fact, Mattingly’s lawyer, Todd McMurtry, has threatened these leftists with lawsuits.

In a since-deleted tweet, McMurtry shared a video of Mattingly being loaded into the back of a truck after he was shot in Taylor’s apartment on March 13.

McMurtry captioned it with: “They called him a ‘murderer,’ when all he did was defend himself.”

McMurtry revealed in an email sent to the Louisville Courier-Journal on Friday that he represented Mattingly “with regard to affirmative claims he has against people who called him a ‘murderer.’ These statements are defamatory and actionable.”

McMurtry went on to confirm that the intent was to file civil lawsuits against those who make and have made such statements.

He’ll certainly have many examples to choose from, given the fact that pretty much every member of the left has been unified in their ignorant condemnation of Mattingly and the other officers involved in the shooting.

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spread the false narrative on Thursday, labeling the killing of Breonna Taylor a “murder,” despite the fact that the police were found to be justified in returning fire.

“Just think if it were your daughter, your sister, your cousin, your relative, your friend who was murdered by the police and the charging decision held no one accountable for her death,” Pelosi said.

Hopefully, Mattingly will see some damages for this baseless slander.

Maybe then leftist politicians and mainstream media figures will think twice the next time they want to blindly fire heavy accusations.

Nevertheless, if doing so furthers their social justice narrative, nothing is going to stop the left from attacking police officers in this way.

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