Democrats Slander Dr. Atlas and the President Over Something That Was NEVER Said

President Trump brought in Dr. Scott Atlas from Stanford University to the Corornavirus Task Force last month.
Dr. Atlas is NOT a DC insider and has questioned illogical policy by the DC and government elites. 
Dr. Atlas poses a threat to the liberal elite’s monopoly over coronavirus policy so the media, Democrats and Never Trumpers have decided their strategy to deal with Dr. Atlas is to attack and lie.
The Daily Caller reported on Dr. Atlas:
Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, has argued for a different approach, protecting the higher-risk populations and allowing the virus to burn through people to whom it poses less of a risk.
“I think there is a huge disconnect here in what the goal of public policy is here,” Atlas told guest-anchor Sandra Smith during a conversation about protective measures for college students. “The goal of stopping COVID-19 cases is not the appropriate goal. The goal is simply twofold, to protect the people who are going to have a serious problem or die, that’s the high-risk population, and to stop hospital overcrowding. There should never be and there is no goal to stop college students from getting an infection they have no problem with.”
…“99.8% of deaths are in people over 24,” Atlas argued before explaining that high-risk college students and professors can be protected through social distancing accommodations.
“They can do things if they are still afraid from a distance but you don’t lock down healthy people,” he said. “It’s just irrational, really.”
Atlas speaks common sense – look at the disease progression and the data and proposes actions accordingly.
This is why the Democrats and their media must ruin him.  Their strategy is to keep the US in peak fear-mode until after the election.  They want to blame the President for any deaths linked to the China coronavirus and not China.  So they can’t allow common sense that shows schools should be open since those dying from the disease are over the age of 45 almost exclusively.
The CDC shows that those under the age 24 are in most cases not seriously affected by the China coronavirus.
So the Democrats and liberal media made up a lie that Dr. Atlas suggested  the US should just ignore the virus and move on with life as usual before the virus.
Dr Atlas provided a response to the false accusations on Tucker Carlson’s show last night:
Recent reports accusing Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Scott Atlas of promoting a “herd immunity” strategy for fighting the coronavirus pandemic just aren’t true, Atlas said Tuesday, calling the reports an “overt lie.”
“The news is out of control,” Atlas said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “There’s news, there’s opinion and then there’s overt lies — and that was one of those overt lies.”
Atlas told host Tucker Carlson he was not advising anyone to pursue a herd immunity strategy and has never mentioned it to President Trump or the task force.
FOX News reports:
The lies from Democrats, their media and Never Trumpers will never stop. 
These people are sick and desperate.  They will likely do and say anything to regain power.  

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