‘Absolutely a Slap in the Face, ’ California Salon Owners Hit Back at ‘Hypocritical’ Pelosi

During an interview with Neil Cavuto, a few California salon owners hit back at “hypocrite” Nancy Pelosi with one salon owner claiming Pelosi’s flagrant violation of the rules for salons was a “slap in the face.”
Watch via Fox News:
CAVUTO: “With salon owners and the like who are taking it on the chin with delayed openings and the like, but along comes this video that has now gone viral. Nancy Pelosi enjoying a private haircut, a private salon treatment.
That generally is not afforded to others in the state, and that’s what’s sticking in a lot of people’s craw. Wendy Diaz is a Salon W owner in Lodi, California. Wendy, very good to have you. You saw this and what did you think?”
DIAZ: “I was in shock, actually. I was waiting for it to be not true, and then it was true. So I just found it so hypocritical because we have been told that if we open prior to us being able to open in Lodi, that we would get our license revoked. So it was just pretty much pure shock. “
CAVUTO: “Wendy, if you can hang in there, I want to bring in Shayana Flick, she is the owner of Circle Relaxation. I think you would say, Shayana, it’s very difficult to do what you do outside.
But having said that, what did you think of this when you heard about this treatment Nancy Pelosi was getting? Her folks have been saying that she was complying with what the local owner said was allowed, individual one-on-one treatments, and that was okay. Local ordinances and state ordinances are saying quite the opposite. But what did you think?”
FLICK: “So, the personal care industry in California has been closed down since March 17th. That is our entire industry. That includes nail techs, massage therapists, tattoo artists, piercers, electrologists.
That’s an entire industry that has been closed since March 17th. So to see Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done indoors was absolutely a slap in the face to every single person in our personal care industry throughout California that has been struggling and fighting to work inside for the last six months.
Not only that, it was a slap in the face to every single small business owner in our industry that has been forced to close down businesses for good over the last six months because of the arbitrary guidelines put in place by the California elected officials.
And a slap in the face to every single business owner and employee that just deals with the crippling anxiety and stress and depression of not knowing how they are going to pay the rent on their businesses or put a house over their head or feed their families without taking a second essential job in a business – ‘essential job’ in a business that is arguably a lot less safe than the sanitary businesses and establishments that we have created for ourselves.”
CAVUTO: “I’m just curious, Wendy, I will ask you this, and Shayana, I’ll ask you afterward. Wendy, are you allowed to have one customer? In other words, one customer comes in, ‘I want to get a haircut,’ you know, whatever, one person, because that’s what happened here, that one person was Nancy Pelosi.”
DIAZ: “We are allowed to have clients in Lodi. I know in San Francisco they are not allowed to have indoor people at all right now. They just started their outdoor on Monday per Gavin Newsom.”
CAVUTO: “Got it. All right. I’m trying to take at face value then, if Nancy Pelosi is saying she was adhering to the rules as she understood the salon knew them to be, and the salon said – you’re right, I think Wendy’s right, this was a San Francisco salon.”
FLICK: “Yeah. San Francisco salons are not able to operate indoors at all. We have been completely shut down since March 17th. Recently, our mayor has allowed us to have hair services outdoors but that is just dry cut. That doesn’t include any type of washing or blow drying or color.
So being indoors was not allowed at all and to be clear, I’m not mad at Nancy Pelosi for getting her hair done or Gavin Newsom for obviously getting his hair done every single month or the mayor for doing the same.
It’s the hypocrisy that goes along with it that we are being forced to close our businesses every single day and are told we are a high risk industry without being shown any data to back that up.”
CAVUTO: “Wild stuff. Ladies, I want to thank you both very much. I just wanted to get to the bottom of this.”
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