WATCH: Father Of Parkland Victim Tells Emotional Story About How He Met President Trump (VIDEO)

Andrew Pollack, the father of Parkland victim, Meadow Pollack, spoke at RNC about what happened to his daughter and how he met President Trump.
Mr. Pollack stated, “In 2018, a gunman walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and changed my life forever. My name is Andrew Pollock. His name isn’t worth saying. One of the seniors walking in the hallways that day was my beautiful daughter, Meadow. She was just months away from graduating and beginning a new life. We were so proud of the woman she had become. But in the hallway on that third floor, the gunman saw Meadow and shot her down the hallway, hitting her four times. After she was shot and on the floor, she crawled over to another student, a freshman girl, to protect her. She draped her body over her. And then the scumbag gunman shot my daughter at point-blank range five more times, killing Meadow and the girl she was shielding.”
Mr. Pollack continue, “She had a whole life ahead of her. And in that life, she could have done anything and been anything. So many moments that I waited so long for were taken from me. I didn’t get to drop her off at college. I didn’t get to walk her down the aisle. But every moment was taken from her. And for what?”
Mr. Pollack also stated, “I never wanted this to become a political spectacle, but it did. I never wanted to meet the president like this, but I did. I was invited to the White House. The truth is, I had just buried my daughter that week. I really wasn’t interested in public events like a tour or a photo op. I was interested in answers and solutions. So the president wanted to meet me personally, I said I’d go. They said, of course, that was his plan. At the White House, my family and I sat with the president in the Oval Office and told him about Meadow. I told them what we knew. I told them that his administration needed to take a closer look at what went wrong and why.”
Mr. Pollock continued saying after meeting Trump, “And I got to see who President Trump really is. He’s a good man and a great listener, and he cuts through the B.S.. Then the president did what he said he would do. He took action. He formed a school safety commission that issued dozens of recommendations to make schools safer. It hard to tell how much Mr. Biden understands about what happened at Parkland. Mr. Biden has campaigned on bringing back restorative justice as part of his unity platform with Bernie Sanders and has pledged to implement in school districts across America. But he doesn’t even seem to know when the shooting happened. He said that he was vice president when it happened, but he wasn’t.”
Last year, Democrat nominee Joe Biden said he was Vice President when the 2018 Parkland shooting occurred.
In August 2019, Biden said, “Watch what happened when those kids from Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president. They went under the and-. Some of you covered it.”
Mr. Pollack stated, “Mr. Biden may not know when my daughter was murdered, but I do. February 14th, 2018. Mr. Biden may not know that these policies make shootings more likely, but I do. Mr. Biden may not know who was vice president that day, but I do. It wasn’t Joe Biden. It was Mike Pence. Thank God. And I know who the president was, too. It wasn’t Barack Obama. It was President Donald J. Trump and he took action. I truly believe the safety of our kids depends on whether this man is reelected. I hope you’ll join me in helping to make that happen. Mr. President, myself, and millions of Americans appreciate you and love you. God bless America. And God bless our president, Donald J. Trump. Thank you.”
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