Dad Arrested for What He Did After Finding a Man in His 14-Year-Old Daughter's Bedroom

It’s easy for dads to understand why 41-year-old Ismael Casillas followed Keywontrezes Humphries into his yard with a gun after he found the man in his 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom.
It’s a lot more difficult for the courts in Coweto County, Georgia, to understand, apparently.
Casillas, according to WAGA-TV, found Humphries in his house early on the morning of July 4. According to WAGA, authorities have said the 20-year-old Humphries was in a relationship with the daughter — though he’s been charged with child molestation because of his age and the girl’s status as a minor, the station reported.
But for most men with female offspring, any circumstance in which a 20-year-old man is with your 14-year-old daughter is usually a good reason for a freakout.
And, at first, Casillas’ actions were legally solid — if violent.
The father choked and beat Humphries so severely that the younger man lost a few teeth and chipped some others, police say
“If it had stopped there, investigators say they might not have charged the dad,” WAGA reported.
It didn’t stop there. Casillas asked his wife for a gun.
Humphries, also known as “Man Man,” according to WAGA, exited by jumping out a window, but Casillas wasn’t finished yet.
The father came out into the front yard, continuing to assault him. He beat him some more — and then fired shots throughout the neighborhood as Humphries fled.
That’s a problem as far as Georgia law goes.
While Humphries has been charged with sex offenses — that wasn’t a reason under Georgia law for Casillas to follow him out into the yard and to fire a few rounds off into the night. 
Under the law, once an intruder is no longer a threat, you can no longer engage him in “defensive” actions.
WAGA reported that “investigators say they understand Casillas rage.” Don’t we all. 
However, self-defense is about protecting yourself (or loved ones), not about taking it out on someone who no longer presents a threat.
Casillas will likely be facing some charges here. And he should be.
Check out the WAGA report here.
I understand the desire to see this guy walk off scot-free. Some scumbag was in his daughter’s bedroom. Not only did he beat that scumbag up, he managed to chase him outside and continue the fight there. He got off a few bullets as part of the deal.
That’s why we have the rule of law, though. There’s a reason why we say a gun is for self-defense, not self-offense. Yes, Casillas’ daughter was allegedly molested by Keywontrezes Humphries, and yes, they’re pursuing a sex crimes investigation against him.
But once he’s in a position where he’s no longer a threat, the social contract demands that the case be turned over to the police.
Vigilante justice is never an acceptable solution to anything — and, at a certain point, this turned from neutralizing a man who allegedly molested a child to taking it out on him.
That’s what we have the police for, though. If the facts are true, Casillas took the law into his own hands.
Now, he’ll have to contend with the law himself.
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