‘This Is A War Zone’: Footage Of Shooting At CHAZ Live-Streamed Before ‘Security’ Can Delete It

On Sunday night, a second shooting occurred in Seattle’s so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” dubbed “CHAZ” or “CHOP,” that was captured via livestream by Twitch user Shawn Whiting.
In footage of the aftermath of the shooting, a member of CHAZ “security” is seen stealing Whiting’s phone and demanding he “delete” the damning footage.
“Whiting was livestreaming on Twitch for just under four hours,” reported NOQ Report posted Monday morning. “Near the end, gunshots can be heard. At the time, it was unclear if the noise was actual gunshots or fireworks, but his phone continued to livestream after it was taken by a member of CHOP ‘security.’ The man who carried the phone away confirmed at least one person had been shot.”
Following the ring of gunfire, folks in CHAZ who’ve reached safety call the area a “war zone.”
“Another n***** just got shot,” one man says. “This is a war zone.”
Whiting suggests the shooting, the second in just two days (the Saturday shooting included at least one fatality), will be the “end of CHOP.”
“This is kind of a nightmare,” the Twitch user says aloud.
Earlier this month, far-left protesters including Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters commandeered six blocks of property, including the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct, which has since been abandoned.
At one point during the stream, Whiting is questioned by a “security” member of CHAZ and told to delete the footage. Whiting suggests he has permission to live-stream, directing the man to a person named “James Madison.”
“Give me that f***ing phone, man,” the man tells Whiting. “What the f*** are you doing? … Hey, hey! Delete that s***! Delete that f***ing s***!”
“That’s my phone!” Whiting says after his phone is stolen.
“I do not give a f***,” CHAZ “security” replies. “I do not care.”
“When the person who grabbed the phone found ‘James Madison,’ they examined it and realized it was still filming,” NOQ Report said, noting that both men show their faces on camera. “Whiting made clear in the video and in subsequent Tweets that he was not a ‘plant,’ as CHOP security seemed to believe. He appears to be generally supportive of the plight of those in the occupied area of Seattle and was merely documenting what was happening.”
As reported by The Daily Wire earlier this month, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan compared CHAZ to a “block party” and suggested the takeover of six city blocks could lead to “the Summer of Love.”
Below is footage in CHAZ when the shooting occurred:

There was another shooting tonight at CHAZ. I will report more details as they arrive. At least one with wounds. Status unknown.
.@ShawnGui_ was recording a livestream during the CHAZ shooting tonight. Afterward, a man interrogated him and stole his phone, demanding the footage be deleted. He didn't know the camera was still recording. This is what was captured: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/657835014 

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In the footage below, Whiting has his phone taken from him by a CHAZ “security” member:

Shooting in again tonight.
WATCH the full stream, below:
Here's my unedited footage of the shooting at the Seattle / free zone tonight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/657835014?t=03h44m06s 

I have no details on what happened besides what appears in the video. Afterwards no one laid hands on me but they did take my phone. They then gave it back. ↓
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