Watch FedEx Driver Deliver Family's Lost Golden Retriever to Their Door

A FedEx driver from Colorado is being praised for helping a wandering family pet find her way back home by personally delivering the dog to her Castle Pines home.
Dog owner Lisa Menzies told KDVR-TV that her family’s 3-year-old golden retriever, Catcher, had a bit of an adventure while she and her husband were out of town.
“We were getting some repairs done on the house,” Menzies said.
“Our contractor left to go to lunch and shut the front door — and the wind blew the door open while I was gone, and Catcher escaped.”
The dog wandered around outside in the neighborhood where Menzies knows anything could have happened.
“She could have wandered out to a busy road and you hate to think what’s going to happen then,” she said.
But Catcher was fortunate to fall into the hands of the neighborhood FedEx driver, who took it upon himself to make a special 61-pound delivery to the family’s home.
Menzies received a message from the driver, who she does not know at all other than that he works for FedEx.
The driver explained that he had found a dog and was planning to drop her off at the address printed on her dog tag.
The family’s Ring doorbell captured the heartwarming moment when the driver carried the large dog “with such care” up the walkway and into the house.
“Seeing him carry her into the house like that — in my head, I was thinking of the theme song from the ‘Titanic,’” Menzies said. “He was taking such care and love with her that it was really amusing.”
Catcher is now safe and sound, right where she belongs, thanks to the loving act of kindness of a driver who was in the middle of a busy workweek.
“He interrupted his day and his package delivery schedule to pick her up and hand carry her into our home and lock the door behind him,” Menzies said.
“I don’t want to think about where else she could have ended up. He is certainly our family’s hero.”

Menzies is eager to thank the driver in person, and Catcher may be eager to reunite with her new best friend, who inconvenienced himself to do the right thing.
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