Coronavirus Update (20 Pics)

Worldwide View: Dots are large/small to indicate number of cases, and placed in the geographic center of the affected region. Current Global Map/Charts created and maintained by Johns Hopkins University *Plague.Inc symbols have been continually added for a bit of levity. Maps are updated to show a bit more contrast, and Johns Hopkins University has separated the U.S into county cases.
Europe Close Up
North America Close Up
South America close up
Africa Close up
Australia close-up
General Asia/Middle East Area close Up
Asia close up
Alternate map.
*Note. This fatality rate is based on current recovered/deaths, a crude calculation not taking into account age, location, underlying conditions, etc. Updates since the last post. Currently Infected: (+33,584 ) Deaths: (+2,308) Recovered: (+6,780)
More recent and reliable data from the CDC regarding age.
Daily Cases outside China: Chart from WorldoMeters
Total Cases outside China: Chart from WorldoMeters - Linear
Total Cases outside China: Chart from WorldoMeters - Logarithmic
A breakdown of United States cases. Combining Worldometers and NBC News.
Countries with at least 1 active case.

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