NASCAR Provides Update On Ryan Newman Following Horrific Crash

On Monday night, NASCAR released a statement announcing driver Ryan Newman was in serious condition and being treated at Halifax Medical Center for his non-life threatening injuries following a horrific crash during the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Sunday.
“Ryan Newman is being treated at Halifax Medical Center,” the statement read. “He is in serious condition, but doctors have indicated his injuries are not life threatening.”
“We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and ask that you respect the privacy of Ryan and his family during this time,” the statement continued. Newman has a wife and two young daughters.
“We appreciate your patience and cooperation and we will provide more information as it become available,” NASCAR added.
“Safety crews rushed to Newman’s No. 6 Ford and worked to extricate the 42-year-old driver from his seat. The car was on fire as it skidded to a stop and had to be turned onto its tires before they could get him out,” reported Everything Lubbock.
“Fox opted not to broadcast Newman’s removal, which was shielded by large black screens put up by track crews,” the report noted.
Before Newman’s condition was known, Fox Sports analyst and former NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon looked visibly upset talking about the crash in the moments after the race.
“Safety’s come a long way in this sport, but sometimes we are reminded that it is a very dangerous sport,” Gordon said.
“Thoughts and prayers, right now, are with Ryan Newman and his family,” he added.
“That NASCAR hasn’t had a fatality in its three national series since Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s death in the 2001 Daytona 500 has conditioned fans and those in the industry that every wreck is survivable,” wrote Bob Pockrass, reflecting on the ghastly crash at Fox Sports. “That even the vicious hits don’t do more than bruise.”
“But everyone in the grandstands saw the reality, as Newman’s crushed car initially caught fire while upside-down,” Pockrass explained. “They saw safety workers hold up screens as they put him in an ambulance, which then sped to leave the track to Halifax Health Medical Center.”
Thoughts and prayers poured in for Newman. For example, Dale Earnhardt Jr., who lost his father in the race in 2001, quickly tweeted: “Big prayers for Newman.”
As noted by Everything Lubbock, Denny Hamlin won the race for Joe Gibbs Racing and celebrated near the finish line. They did not understand the full scope of Newman’s crash and later apologized for the celebration.
“Some people may have saw us and said, ‘Those guys are celebrating when there’s a serious issue going on.’ I apologize to everybody,” Gibbs said afterward. “We really didn’t know. We got in the winner’s circle and then that’s when people told us. I wanted to explain that to everyone.”
“That’s what makes it so hard,” Gibbs added. “Such a close-knit community, you know everybody. … If you think about all the wrecks that we’ve had over the last how many number of years, some of them have been real serious. We’ve been real fortunate.”
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