Neil Young Quits Facebook For Promoting ‘False Information To The Public’

Rocker Neil Young has had it with Facebook.
The singer and guitarist has deleted his artist page off the social media site, saying he’s had enough of the “false information regularly supplied to the public” on the platform.
Young, who has repeatedly ripped President Trump, cited Facebook’s decision to sponsor the Federalist Society’s annual gala, which he describes as the “powerful right-wing organization behind the nomination of the conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”
“This turn of events, in addition to the false information regularly supplied to the public on Facebook, with its knowledge, has caused us to re-evaluate and change our policy,” Young wrote on his website, Neil Young Archives (NYA). “I don’t feel that a social site should be making obvious commitments to one side of politics or the other. It further confuses readers regarding truthfulness in coverage and message. NYA, no longer interested in further links with FACEBOOK, will be discontinuing use. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”
Young, a Canadian, is seeking to gain U.S. citizenship so he can vote in the upcoming presidential election. He claims his application for citizenship is being delayed due to his use of marijuana.
This is just the latest time that a celebrity has publicly quit Facebook. In 2018, the #DeleteFacebook hashtag trended, and users ripped the platform for repeated controversies and scandals.
The singer Cher said she would not use Google and would delete her Facebook account, saying those companies “might as well be conspiring with Russia to destroy our Democracy.”
Comedian Will Ferrell also deleted his Facebook page, delivering a lengthy message on his decision:

Hi Friends,
I’m reaching out to let you know that in 72 hours I will be deleting my Facebook account. I am not deleting it immediately, in order to give this message enough time to get across to my fans and followers.
I have always had an aversion to social media and have primarily used it as a tool to help support our work at Funny Or Die, some of my personal projects, as well as charity causes that I am passionate about. Facebook allowed me to promote and share the work of many dedicated and talented individuals who deserved recognition.
I know I am not alone when I say that I was very disturbed to hear about Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of millions of Facebook users’ information in order to undermine our democracy and infringe on our citizens’ privacy. I was further appalled to learn that Facebook’s reaction to such a violation was to suspend the account of the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower.
In this day and age, with misinformation running rampant, it’s important that we protect the truth, as well as those who work to bring it to light. I can no longer, in good conscience, use the services of a company that allowed the spread of propaganda and directly aimed it at those most vulnerable.
I love my fans and hope to further interact with them through my comedy via the mediums of film and television.
-Will Ferrell
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