Judge Throws the Book at Antifa Punk Who Sent Good Samaritan to Hospital

A so-called anti-fascist protester is now looking at a nearly six-year prison stint after a cowardly attack on a man trying to defend an elder.
Gage Halupowski savaged another protester during a June clash between right-leaning and left-wing groups in Portland, Oregon. He’s now been sentenced to a whopping 70 months in prison, The Oregonian reported.
Halupowski cracked Adam Kelly over the head with a baton after Kelly attempted to stop an assault on an elderly man.
Kelly originally jumped into the fray to protect a gray-haired elder who somehow provoked the anger of the mob. While Kelly did manage to take the crowd’s attention off the other man, he was brutalized and maced for his efforts.
The shocking assault was captured on camera, showing the cowardly crowd jumping Kelly.
WARNING: The following video contains graphic images that some viewers will find offensive.
CONTENT WARNING: Police have declared a civil disturbance after a violent brawl broke out between left- and right-wing protesters today. Video by Sergio Olmos/Underscore. Full story: https://bit.ly/321Hxbu 
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Although the judge could have shown leniency because of Halupowski’s lack of past criminal activity, he chose not to do so.
According to The Oregonian, Halupowski’s defense attorney Edward Kroll described the judge’s ruling as “one of the harshest sentences I’ve seen for someone with no criminal background and young age.”
Halupowski took a plea deal, likely a smart choice thanks to the brutality of his crime and the fact that it was captured on camera. As part of the deal, the attacker pleaded guilty to second-degree assault.
Kelly was savaged with an extendable baton that left him requiring medical care in a hospital.
While there, doctors diagnosed Kelly with a concussion and had to use 25 staples to close the gaping wound in his head.
For residents of Portland not caught up in the violent leftism that seemingly sweeps the city monthly, this should come as a major relief.
“My office has individuals charged on both sides of the political spectrum,” Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Melissa Marrero said. “We are not picking sides based on political affiliation, political views or anything like that.”
While the so-called anti-fascists in the city ache to overturn a system they allege is full of corruption, racism and greed, those hard at work in the courts appear to be doing exactly what’s expected of them.
Unfortunately for Halupowski, in his efforts to battle what he saw as fascism he only ended up spreading violence himself.
This sentencing will hopefully give other protesters in Portland a reason to stop and think before savaging innocent people.
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