Watch Lock Picker Find Major Flaw in Popular Gun Safe, Open It in Seconds

A lock picker recently demonstrated how a poorly designed gun safe could be opened thanks to a single push of a button, documenting the entire feat on video.
YouTube star LockPickingLawyer exposed the gun safe’s flaw in a Friday video.
The safe in question is an AmazonBasics desk-mounted firearm safety device. The model exposed included a biometric scanner for fingerprint verification.
This little piece of tech would be the safe’s downfall.
A simple push of a button allows for a whole new fingerprint to open the safe.
Watch below as he easily cracks the safe in a matter of seconds:
This is obviously a major problem for a gun safe to have, especially in an environment with curious children or possible thieves. Considering that a slim metal bar is capable of defeating the safe, this device could easily arm someone who shouldn’t be anywhere near a firearm.
Although Amazon appears to have pulled the fingerprint-activated model, the company still offers a variant with only a keypad and tubular lock.
LockPickingLawyer noted that even the tubular locks have their shortcomings.
Reviews for the safe without the fingerprint scanner show that over a hundred people have rated it, though many more have no doubt purchased it without leaving a review.
Pictures on some reviews reveal that many were sold the biometric safe containing the frightening security flaw.
A Google image search for the model still brings up a result for the fingerprint-enabled safe, which links back to Amazon’s updated listing.
Although some people like to keep guns in a closet or unlocked gun cabinet, those with children or the safety-conscious may choose to store their firearms in a more resilient container.
This safe may seem like an impregnable container to many, but as demonstrated, even a thin bar can bypass the security.
If you own this model of gun safe, it may be time to contact Amazon about getting a replacement.
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