New Head of Dem Congressional Campaign Committee Said 'Sure' to Banning Men from Running for Office

Lucinda Guinn was announced as the new executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Wednesday.
She’s a former executive at EMILY’s List, a pro-abortion Democratic PAC. According to Politico, she’s also Hispanic, which checks off a major box for the DCCC.
The former executive director, Allison Jaslow, was one of many who left the group over the summer after a backlash from the party’s lack of diversity in the top of the ranks.
Fair enough — although, if Guinn’s Twitter history is any indication, she would eliminate diversity in another important way. Namely, if you have a Y chromosome, you shouldn’t be running for office.
Back in February, a liberal Twitter user tweeted this great idea: “Anyone else having the feeling that maybe we shouldn’t let boys run for office anymore?”

Anyone else having the feeling that maybe we shouldn’t let boys run for office anymore?
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“Sure do,” Guinn responded, along with the hashtag “#electwomen.”
A little bit of context here: EMILY’s List, the organization Guinn came from, doesn’t just work to elect pro-choice candidates but pro-choice women.
I suppose that provides a bit of background on why she might have made these remarks. However, is this really the tweet she wanted to comment on? Did she really think that disqualifying candidates because of their genetic makeup was a good idea?
Also, this isn’t just digging through someone’s old social media postings to find some social media faux pas they can exploit. This was back in February. I know it seems like that was 1,426 news cycles ago, but it wasn’t that long ago.
Just seven months ago, in other words, the new executive director of the DCCC was saying that men probably should consider letting the distaff gender rule the roost when it comes to electoral politics. And by the way, the Washington Free Beacon reported that two male Democrat congressmen — California Reps. Tony Cardenas and Scott Peters — pushed for her Guinn to be hired. (Neither wanted to comment about the tweet.)

And to think, this is the organization that the PAC behind “the squad” hit for being too culturally retrograde just a few months ago. Of course, that was during a “scandal” that could best be hashtagged as #DCCCTooWhite.
The whole kerfuffle began when the Free Beacon revealed that Tayhlor Coleman, an African-American woman hired by the DCCC as its minority outreach director, had a history of homophobic and racially problematic tweets.
“#ThingsIDontRemember: giving a lesbian my number during Mardi Gras. Now she keeps calling me. #awkard #yikes #homophobia,” one tweet read.
She also wrote that she was “concerned about my safety” because the snacks in a vending machine were all Mexican.
This, in addition to a request from two Texas congressmen for a “person of color” to be in the executive director position, led to the the resignation of Jaslow — a white, LGBT combat veteran — as well as some Facebook ads from the Justice Democrats, the liberal PAC that’s given us Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her squad-mates.
“The Democratic Party has attacked progressive leaders in Congress for ‘making the party look bad,'” one of the Facebook ads from the Justice Democrats read. “However, just this week, multiple members of the DCCC leadership have resigned over issues of diversity within the DCCC’s ranks.”
In March, Ocasio-Cortez also said donors should bypass the DCCC and give to candidates directly, due in part to the fact that they don’t take kindly to primary challengers for sitting congressmen.
The @DCCC’s new rule to blacklist+boycott anyone who does business w/ primary challengers is extremely divisive & harmful to the party.

My recommendation, if you’re a small-dollar donor: pause your donations to DCCC & give directly to swing candidates instead.

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I suppose the good news is that the controversy over the executive directorship of the DCCC isn’t going to go away now.

Genitals don’t determine whether someone has good ideas. They also don’t determine whether or not their ideas are good for EMILY’s List or not. Roe v. Wade, the very decision that organization is based on protecting, came from the votes of seven men, after all.
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