Team Mitch uses New York Times columnist to show ‘how fake news is manufactured’

Google might be a gigantic, evil corporation that holds a secretive annual “billionaires camp” where celebrities and others can assemble via their private jets to discuss climate change, but its search engine is pretty good. It’s a pity more journalists don’t use it.
On Wednesday, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s team gave an example of how fake news is manufactured, citing a tweet by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who wanted an explanation of why McConnell’s net worth had gone up so markedly in just ten years.
Sen. Mitch McConnell's net worth:

2005: $2,962,015
2015: $26,927,535
Increase: $23,965,520 (+809.1%)

How does a senator earning $193,400 a year increase their net worth by nearly $2.4 million a year, every year for a decade?

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Maybe he wrote a best-selling book, and you could be a millionaire too if you just did the same? Turns out there was a simpler explanation among all of the responses calling out #MoscowMitch for bribery by Putin.

This is how fake news is manufactured.

3,000 likes on the question.

16 likes on the shameful correction.

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Make that 17 likes on the “correction.”
Note that “shameful correction” wasn’t even a tweet, and it certainly wasn’t an apology … Kristof simply retweeted someone who gave the correct answer that he couldn’t be bothered to Google.
But at least he threw some chum in the waters to gin up a bunch of outrage:
Mitch had gotten filthy rich - all while keeping his foot firmly on the necks of the working class. And now he's also on the Putin payroll.
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You’ll not hear a peep or a tweet in response. He’s a deaf mute when it comes to his $$$$.
But rest assured, the grifting grinch loves to deflect.
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That's because he sold the USA out. Its obvious right? I mean he didn't amass this great wealth by creating anything did he? he is
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24 million in ten years with public servant salary. Hmmm? Moscow Mitch raking in those Russian kickbacks! Put him in prison.
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Yeah, put #MoscowMitch in prison for inheriting money!
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