Watch: ‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Has No Clue Why Trump Can’t Be Charged with ‘Hate Speech’

A woman who makes a living on a talk show should understand free speech.
But in a segment on Thursday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar let her opposition to President Donald Trump blind her to the constitutional rights that every American enjoys.
And even for Behar, it was bizarre.
Behar got a set-up from the “The View” ringmaster Whoopi Goldberg, who described Trump’s criticism of four House rookies known as “the squad” – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — as somehow an attack on every woman in America.
Trump supporters targeted Omar, whose family emigrated from Somalia, at one of the president’s rallies in North Carolina on Wednesday, chanting “send her back, send her back.” 
As The Hill reported, “The View Ladies” went on the attack.
“He doesn’t care or doesn’t acknowledge the fact that what he is doing is possibly inviting violence towards these women, and women who are saying, ‘this is wrong. I don’t like this,’” Goldberg said.
“This involves every female in this country.”
That’s nonsense on stilts.
Not only did millions of women vote for Trump in the 2016 election, but there are also millions more who are not in lockstep belief with every word that comes out of the mouths of the squad sisters. (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of them.)
Behar’s question went even further.
“Why can’t he be brought up on charges of hate speech?” she asked. “Why can’t he be sued by the ACLU for hate speech? I don’t get it. How does he get away with this.”
Check it out here:
.@JoyVBehar on Trump's rally last night: "Why can’t he be brought up on charges of hate speech?”
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Someone in Behar’s profession should know there is no such thing as a charge of “hate speech” in the United States thanks to the blessings of the First Amendment. Of course there are limits —  inciting a riot, for example — but political speech in the United States is protected by the Constitution, even if “The View” thinks it’s hateful.
Behar’s belief that the American Civil Liberties Union could sue the president – or anyone else – for saying something she doesn’t like should be abhorrent to anyone who believes in freedom, but since she’s a progressive, that’s a nicety that’s beside the point.
Behar and the panel got plenty of blowback on social media.
It's a level of stupid beyond weapons grade. By a group that would find itself facing charges of "hate speech" was a crime.
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I'm Australian and even I know that his speech is protected under the 1st amendment of the United States. It's sad that I know more about Constitution than those absolute buffoons on TV. There is no such thing as Hate Speech in America. God I wish I was American.
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Behar’s ignorance may be exceptional, but when it comes to her blind dislike for Trump, his supporters and his administration, she’s in lockstep with the establishment media as a whole – from the morning talk shows to the late-night comics.
They all use their free speech rights to attack the president routinely; no one gives it a second thought. Because the country has the First Amendment.

Joy Behar and her colleagues on “The View” might want to read up on it sometime.
Watch: ‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Has No Clue Why Trump Can’t Be Charged with ‘Hate Speech’ Watch: ‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Has No Clue Why Trump Can’t Be Charged with ‘Hate Speech’ Reviewed by Your Destination on July 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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