Ted Cruz Gets Accosted by Airport Crowd, Faces Them Down with Class

Sen. Ted Cruz was teaching a lesson in class.
The Texas Republican  — and vocal opponent of illegal immigration — was accosted by a crowd of critics over the weekend at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the Washington Examiner.
But if they expected to shake Cruz enough to make a social media video go viral, they were sadly mistaken. In fact, it was almost exactly the opposite.
Crazed Protestors screamed at @tedcruz in LAX... ⬇️

So Much Bravery. So Much Activism.

How will Sen. Cruz ever recover from this?

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To all appearances, the senator handled the disturbance nonchalantly as a handful of presumably liberal critics tried to build up a workable chant.
One guy seemed set on the slogan “Americans will not be silent” and tried to prove it by repeating those words over and over again. It didn’t catch on, though. “Americans” might not have been inclusive enough for this crowd.
Another came up with “Free the children,” which seemed to get some traction — nice short words that go well with a pumped fist.

Through it all, though, Cruz kept calm and smiling — exactly the opposite of the reaction the demonstrators intended.
The moment when he posed for a picture was particularly impressive — in fact, it was pure class.
More than a few social media commenters were impressed by the Cruz control.
Isn't Ted CRUZ Hispanic? Do they think he is racist because he wants LEGAL immigration? Silly kids.

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Screaming “free the children” at Ted Cruz. Where would they suggest unaccompanied minors go? The streets of LA? None of these people are stepping up to take them. Paid activists with no message for the country.
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As the Examiner pointed out, this wasn’t Cruz’s first rodeo when it comes to public demonstrations.
In September, while leftists were using accusations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to demonstrate that they had lost all sense of honesty and decency, Cruz and his wife were accosted at a restaurant in the D.C. area by Kavanaugh opponents.
Dealing with the public is part of the job description of any politician, of course, and a U.S. senator is no different.
But even Cruz’s harshest critics — and he had plenty of them among Donald Trump’s supporters during the GOP presidential nomination fight in 2016 — have to admit he handles himself with class.

These LAX protesters just found that out, too.
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