On Top of Medieval Diseases, LA Now Has To Deal with Dark Age-Style Killings

In California, this is what progressivism has led to.
The state boasts the country’s highest concentration of billionaires, but it’s also home to the nation’s largest homeless population, which has paved the way for diseases that are more commonly associated with medieval Europe than 21st-century America.
And this week, Californians got news their state has been home to barbaric killings that sound like something right out of the Dark Ages.
According to Reuters, federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged 22 members of the international gang MS-13 with committing seven murders in the past two years, including hacking one victim to death because he had defaced their graffiti.
After he was dismembered, Reuters reported, the man’s “heart [was] cut from his chest and thrown into a canyon with other body parts, according to court papers.”
According to Fox News, 19 of the 22 charged in the killing were in the country illegally.
Maybe Nancy Pelosi can look for a “spark of divinity” in these killers?
The House Speaker, as well as her party and the establishment media, have had no problem with attacking President Donald Trump for his firm stance on illegal immigration – and especially his insistence that criminal outfits like MS-13 are part of the problem with the huge throngs of foreigners crossing the southern border.
But prosecutors who must deal with the carnage these gangs bring may have a different view.
“Taking violent offenders off the street should send a message to MS-13 members and their associates that medieval-style violence and senseless murder will not be tolerated in Los Angeles,” Paul Delacourt, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, said in a written statement.
Unfortunately for California, and the country, that’s not entirely true.
Liberals have shown a remarkable ability to “tolerate” a good deal when it comes to a general decline in the quality of life their policies give birth to.
California is a living laboratory for it.
The beautiful city of San Francisco has tolerated homelessness to the point of being overrun, making a jewel of the West Coast resemble Third World slums.
In Los Angeles, the squalor and filth associated with homelessness have put police officers, city workers and the homeless themselves at risk for typhus and hepatitis, USA Today reported last week.

In January, Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Liz Greenwood was struck by typhus, according to an NBC Los Angeles report at the time.
“Who gets typhus?” Greenwood told the station. “It’s a medieval disease caused by trash.”
Sanctuary state California also tolerates illegal aliens, of course.
The Democrats who control the state legislature and governor’s mansion make it a point of pride to take in foreign nationals with scant regard for American law.
The arrival of criminals, then, should be no surprise. Even the Reuters report acknowledged that the growth of MS-13 in Los Angeles has been fueled by an “an influx of young Central American immigrants to Southern California.”
Any guesses how they got there?
Medieval diseases. Murders out of the Dark Ages. That’s what progressivism has led to in California.
The sane parts of the country will take a pass.
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