Libs Vandalize Chick-fil-A During Pride Parade, Cheer Beating of Gay Conservative

A New York City Chick-fil-A was vandalized over the weekend during gay pride parade festivities that took place across the country.
From BPR:
The “Tolerant Left” strikes again. This time, gay liberals vandalized a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Manhattan during a gay pride parade in New York yesterday.
Vandals scrawled “F**k haters” across the restaurant’s window and covered it with a cross-shaped pink tape bearing the same obscene language.
Ironically, this show of hatred occurred during the NYC gay pride parade, whose purpose was to show love and tolerance for everyone — especially those who are different from you.
Here’s what happened to a Chick-fil-A in New York City during this weekend’s pride parade:
Of course, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened:
The new Chick-Fil-A in Olney (under construction) has been vandalized. “Capitalism Kills”

c/o The Greater Olney News
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Chick-Fil-A in Torrance, CA was vandalized with "Taste Like Hate" because the tolerant gay left is anything but!
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Meanwhile, some liberals are even cheering the beating of a gay conservative journalist who was viciously attacked by a group of Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon.
Andy Ngo was severely beaten and suffered a brain hemorrhage after being pelted with “milkshakes” containing quick-dry cement.
Because Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization that attacks people who dare to disagree with them.
From PJ Media:
“Where the hell were all of you?” beaten and bloodied Quillette editor Andy Ngo asked police as they approached him to get him medical assistance. “Where the hell were you?”
On Saturday afternoon in Portland, Ore., Ngo was viciously attacked, hit in the face and had a milkshake filled with quick-dry cement thrown at him while filming an unlawful antifa protest. After the assault, police approached him.
“I had been assaulted twice earlier today and reported it to your colleagues, and nothing was done,” Ngo told the police officer assisting him. “And I was in the middle of the street in the front documenting this. They stole my evidence, they stole my GoPro.”
“They just started attacking me,” he told the cop. The policeman asked, “What did they use?”
“Their weapons and their hands — their shields, their signs, throwing milkshakes on me too,” Ngo said. …
The left-wing demonstrators easily number in the hundreds. Marching again, south on SW Third.
This is what the “Tolerant Left” in America looks like today.
What hypocrisy!
As long as you agree with them, you can say and do anything.
But step out of line, and you’re toast.
And you can bet their friends in the liberal press will protect them and keep the truth from getting out.
Don’t expect these stories to appear on the evening news anytime soon.

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