Democrats Scorched After Attacking Trump Nominee’s Faith

Democrats have made it crystal-clear that they are willing to drag nominees of President Donald Trump through whatever mud and filth they can scrounge up.
This isn’t simply for Supreme Court justice nominees, either.
How Democrats treated one nominee for U.S. district judge in Nebraska is downright despicable.
Brian Buescher, a practicing Catholic, was Trump’s pick for the judicial spot. Although the Senate confirmed him for the position, it was a tough road for Buescher.
His faith and membership in the Knights of Columbus served as ammunition for Democrats to grill him.

But what did he expect when he joined an organization that proudly values “Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism”?
Prominent Democrats wasted no time in turning Buescher’s faith against him.
Senator Mazie Hirono tore into Buescher for his membership in the Knights, implying he is unable to be a good judge without leaving the organization.
“Given your membership in this organization,” she asked, “what assurances can litigants have that you will deal with reproductive rights and abortion issues fairly and impartially?”

Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and other Democrats all joined in bashing Buescher over his membership in Knights of Columbus, which is overwhelmingly Catholic.
After Buescher’s confirmation, however, the tides quickly shifted. Mitch McConnell himself unleashed a powerful statement right before the vote.
“I can’t believe I need to repeat it here in the U.S. Capitol,” McConnell said, “but there is nothing about living out one’s faith that is disqualifying for public service. To the contrary, what the Constitution does forbid is imposing any kind of religious test for public office.”

According to Senator Ben Sasse, the Democrats’ treatment of Buescher was “one of the most baffling displays of constitutional confusion and of prejudice I’ve seen in my time here.”
“In this weird rebirth of McCarthyism,” Sasse said, “it seems that Catholics are to replace the Communists.”
Judging by what Democrats put Brett Kavanaugh through, there’s nothing they won’t do to block rightfully elected President Donald Trump’s actions.
Unfortunately for patriots such as Kavanaugh and Buescher, this treatment isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. The Democrats have shown that they will continue their baseless attacks for petty political points.
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