You Know It’s Bad When Even AOC Admits Climate Plans Will Cost ‘a Ton’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s financial irresponsibility has reached new heights.
During an interview with The Hill on Wednesday about the costs involved to fight climate change, the New York Democrat said, “I think we really need to get to $10 trillion to have a shot.”
“I know it’s a ton,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I don’t think anyone wants to spend that amount of money, it’s not a fun number to say, I’m not excited to say we need to spend $10 trillion on climate, but … it’s just the fact of the scenario.”
If $10 trillion was approved for a climate change plan similar to her “Green New Deal,” every American household would be looking at a debt of over half a million dollars each.
To say it’s not affordable would be an understatement — not to mention how extremely unpopular the plan is with the American public, which at least Ocasio-Cortez seems to be aware of.
“It’s not popular, it’s not politically popular. People are going to call it unrealistic, and I just don’t think people understand how bad the problem is,” Ocasio-Cortez said.
“I think the entire field of climate plans still needs to be pushed,” she said. “I think it just needs to be pushed in terms of the scientific scale, that is scientifically supported in what we need to solve this problem.”
Many Americans are beginning to see that legislation like the Green New Deal and those similar to it, are simply wealth redistribution measures on steroids.
Democrats have taken a great liking to the “existential crisis” in climate change, something they say can only be “managed” by trillions of dollars, but never actually solved in any meaningful way.
They can use this type of manufactured crisis as a vessel to pump trillions into corporations and special interests that fund their campaigns and re-elections.
That would only be the beginning of an economically-crippling bill like the one Ocasio-Cortez proposes.
The prospects for corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds is simply staggering — so much so that even former vice president Al Gore may have an issue with a plan like the Green New Deal.
The climate change agenda is a scam of epic proportions. Watch Richard Lindzen, an MIT atmospheric physicist and one of the world’s leading climatologists, provide the facts in the following video:

It’s truly amazing that this Lindzen guy knows so much about the global warming issue, considering he’s neither an actor or a musician.
After all, I guess we shouldn’t be taking advice from people who know absolutely nothing about the global climate patterns, like Ocasio-Cortez.
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