Wheelchair-Bound Woman Can Walk After Trump Cut Red Tape Preventing Her Treatment

While President Donald Trump can justifiably boast a long list of 

accomplishments since taking office, one in particular was directly 

responsible for saving a young cancer-stricken woman’s life.
During Wednesday’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, the 

woman made sure Trump knew exactly how thankful she was that 

he gave her the chance to secure a quality of life that her doctors 

said was virtually impossible.
Thanks to Trump’s signing the “Right to Try” bill into law in May 

2018, allowing terminal patients to try experimental drugs and 

procedures to address their condition, Natalie Harp lived to share 

her story. 
Harp endured a long and frightening battle with stage 2 bone 

cancer for the better part of her life, according to Fox News. After a

 nearly fatal mistake by a nurse in 2015, Harp was left wheelchair-

bound and in terrible pain. The nurse had mistakenly mixed up 

Harp’s IV bag with a sample of sterile water, almost killing the 

young woman. 
Since there weren’t any approved medical procedures or methods 

to treat her cancer, she was nearly ready to explore “Right to Die”

 policies and eliminate her food and water consumption.
Harp related her powerful story during her speech at the 

“We all know the story of the Good Samaritan. But what you don’t

 know is that I was that forgotten person on the side of the road. 

The victim of medical error, the number three cause of death 

under the previous administration, and left to die of cancer.”
The Washington Examiner tweeted a video montage of her 

appearance on stage.

"[@realDonaldTrump] gave up his own quality of life so we could live, and work and fight with dignity, because he believes in survival of the fighters, not the fittest."@NatalieJHarp thanks Trump for "Right to Try" after Trump calls her up on stage.

Harp went on to explain how the medical and political 

establishments told her how to “die with dignity.”
Nearly everyone around her came to the conclusion that she was 

at the end of her rope.
That’s sad and wrong.
After the president signed “Right to Try” into law, Harp was able to 

take advantage of cutting-edge treatment opportunities and 

“My Good Samaritan, Donald J. Trump! He saw me there and he 

didn’t walk by. He stopped. And for every single one of us, he 

gave up his own quality of life so we could live and work and fight 

with dignity, because he believes in the survival of the fighters, not 

the fittest,” Harp said during the conference.
In an interview with Fox News earlier this year, Harp said “I’m 

walking. I am healthy. I am living the quality of life that I always 

wanted to have that it took me four years to find because I wasn’t 

offered it here.”

Thank God this woman was provided medical opportunities that 

would eventually give her the life she deserves — 

all because Trump wasn’t afraid to slice a little red tape.
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