Senior policy adviser to Bernie Sanders admits she’s $180,000 in debt (but she has her Ph.D.)

Originally we weren’t going to do a post on this tenured professor who insists that we MUST cancel student debt, but then we checked her Twitter bio and she claims to be a senior policy adviser to Bernie Sanders — maybe he should pay his advisers more if they’re in this deep.
I am $180k in debt. I have a PHD and am a tenured professor — my students are in the same boat, sinking in debt. I pay $1100/month in student loan debt, half of my rent. We MUST . Wall St got bailed out, what about us?! @BernieSanders

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We were going to guess that Dr. Gautney’s Ph.D. wasn’t in economics, and we were right; she’s an associate professor of sociology at Fordham University, and a quick search of their website shows the university charges students $52,980 per year for insights like hers.
Hum, not our fault. Maybe you should have gotten a degree in finance. I worked to help put myself through college and when I graduated I had zero debt, no sympathy here. Took a little longer, but hey I also retired early.
It is called take care of your self and planning!

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PHD in what? Cultural dance? Maybe you should have thought about that before you took out your loan. I can't afford a Range Rover either.

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Tenured profs in my area (bay area) make around $115k - 185k. Possibly comparable given Fordham's location NYC. In other words, 180k sucks but is likely hardly unattainable for her. Oh but look. She's a senior policy advisor to Bernie Sanders.

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Here’s an idea: all that $2200 you pay in rent every mo? Move. Put half that towards your student loans.

Not gonna feel sorry for a tenured professor who wants to keep up her standard of living but not have to pay back what was borrowed on her own free will.

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Tenured in what, social sciences? Because this is the sort of stupidity that comes with the social "sciences."

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Oh my goodness Heather. Who advised you to take on such an enourmous debt load. Did anyone do a cost benefit analysis with you before embarking on this?

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You got conned.
Nobody has $180K worth of debt from a Ph.D...and if they do, they're not an expert in any field except 'How to Go Into Debt'.
Even pot smoking dropouts can get a high paying job in the weed industry, now, and they dont need an agri degree.

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I question the wisdom of getting that particular degree from a university at that price if the financial outlook of the field did not support it. Did you investigate the financials beforehand? What determination did you make regarding them? I'd appreciate any insight. Thank you.

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This question should be evaluated by every junior and senior in high school before accepting any loans for college.

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Yeah, cut the students a break on tuition and then they wouldn’t be “forced” to take out those ridiculous loans.
You raise a good point.

We shouldn't let people who can't pay off their own debts go around teaching other people the same bad habits.
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I wonder, I paid off my student loans (as did my hubby) and we lived as cheaply as possible on very little pay (army officer in the 70’s). So, you’d be OK with retro payments to pay us back, too? Stupid person. You took out the loans KNOWING what you were getting-into debt.
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Lady, I finished my PhD with less than $10k in loans. You’re crazy. None of that is on us. Pay your own loans. Set a good example for your students. .
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And I chose to start with community college and allow my health system to pay for the rest of my education. Took over 10 years to reach the end goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. With no debt. It can be done. Stop crying
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I paid off Masters by working as above knee amputee in Level 1Trauma ER RN. I also worked a tech to pay off undergraduate. I am not rich nor are my parents. If I can do it on one leg these people can certainly do it on two. I have friend who paid entire degree with scholarships!
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Who exactly did you think was going to pay for the loans you signed up for? Gross irresponsibility on your part to knowingly take on debt you know you can’t or won’t pay. If you think my family is paying your way you are sorely mistaken.
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if you got a PhD then you spent a lot of time in school. All of it your choice. I guarantee you no one forced you to get that PhD. Your choice, your responsibility.
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I sure wish I had time to go to school for 8+ years and earn a doctorate but after high school I had to go to work.

But it's ok, just go ahead and expect me to pay for your choices.
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I went into debt to start my business. You don't see me crying for debt forgiveness. You made your choice and now you get to deal with the consequences. Welcome to the real world.
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Senior policy adviser to Bernie Sanders admits she’s $180,000 in debt (but she has her Ph.D.) Senior policy adviser to Bernie Sanders admits she’s $180,000 in debt (but she has her Ph.D.) Reviewed by Your Destination on June 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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