Kim Kardashian gets backlash over White House photos: 'Classy on the table just like Trump likes it'

Kim Kardashian is sharing new photos from her most recent trip to the White House — and the snapshots are already causing a stir.
On June 13, the reality star gave a speech about her newfound passion for criminal justice reform. During her visit, President Trump cited Kardashian’s advocacy in helping pass the First Step Act, which includes provisions for incarcerated individuals.
“I’d like to invite up a very special guest, and a powerful advocate for not only justice reform, but just a good person and I hear she’s starting to study law, she’s also one of the most successful people in the entertainment business, soon she’ll be one of the most successful lawyers,” Trump said. “But I knew her father and I’ll tell you, she’s got good genes — good genes for everything. She’s been a real friend and her husband has been a real friend of mine.”
Kardashian, joined by attorneys Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson, went on to announce a new ride-sharing partnership with Lyft, which will help former prisoners get transportation to job interviews and work shifts.

Nearly two weeks after her D.C. trip, Kardashian has shared behind-the-scenes photos from the day on Instagram. The 38-year-old can be seen speaking while Trump watches, sitting next to first daughter Ivanka Trump and walking through the White House in a teal Vetements pantsuit.
One particular shot sees her striking a pose while sprawled out on a tabletop, flanked by Haney and Jackson. It is unclear if the photo was taken at the White House or another location.

While sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian rushed to cheer on their “boss sister,” some followers were unimpressed by the aspiring lawyer’s power moves.
“Why are you on the table?” read one comment.
“If you want to be taken seriously studying law don’t be lying on the table posing,” another follower scolded the star.
“Classy on the table just like TRUMP LIKES IT,” someone joked.
“It’s unnecessary to sit on the table while advocating for the most marginalized people in America,” added a commenter. “How many doctors and lawyers you know sit on the table the way Kim did. I am sure her dad wouldn’t.”
Others took her to task for aligning herself with Trump amid harrowing reports from migrant detention centers along the border.
“I’m a fan, but how can you stand and sit next to people that are keeping young children and babies in holding camps? How?” a fan asked.
“[F***] Trump I’m unfollowing you,” threatened another follower.
“Should’ve kept the [photo] of Donald Trump to yourself,” read another comment.
“I am so happy that you can do this to help people transition!” someone posted. “Have you ever thought about advocating for the kids who are in the immigration camps?”
But many hailed Kardashian as the “Armenian Elle Woods” and praised her work.
“Regardless, of how you feel on Kim you can't deny she’s helping change the world,” a commenter wrote. “Kim Kardashian is doing more than politicians. Kim is honestly helping so many people, she's amazing.”
“Can’t fault her efforts for using her platform for good use! We need more of this,” added a fan.
“Kim is setting an example of how ALL Democrats should be acting!!!” someone commented. “Regardless of whether she agrees with President Trump on everything (she’s been clear that she doesn’t), she’s still willing to work together with Trump on anything where they DO agree, for the good of the people involved. Congress should take a lesson. Kudos Kim.”
Kardashian isn’t the only one who has received flak over the White House partnership. Ivanka Trump also faced backlash from those who said the star had “no qualifications whatsoever.”
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