Cartoonist dismayed to hear The New York Times is doing away with political cartoons

Fox News is reporting that The New York Times will stop publishing political cartoons after the international edition of the paper took a lot of well-deserved flak in April for running a cartoon depicting a blind Donald Trump in a yarmulke being led around by a dog with Benjamin Netanyahu’s face. The Times deleted it, saying in a statement it included anti-Semitic tropes (duh), but if there was an apology in there, we didn’t see it.
So the solution is to just stop printing political cartoons? Patrick Chappatte weighs in:
THE NEW YORK TIMES WILL END ALL POLITICAL CARTOONS I just learned, weeks after they published a syndicated Netanyahu cartoon that caused a scandal. For me, this is the end of an adventure that began 20 years ago. But the stakes are much higher. READ HERE:

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Dang, we were hoping the Times would get around to running a political cartoon depicting Allah, but we guess we’ll never see that.
This decision is a non-sequitur. They took a lot of understandable flak for the Netanyahu cartoon flap, but that was caused by the NYT’s failure to have an overseeing editor in place to catch ill-advised cartoons. The solution is to hire an editor, not to ban political cartoons.

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In my view, "ending political cartoons" is a colossal error of judgment. They are more essential than ever.

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So sad to read this! Punishing all cartoonists for the decision of one bad editor is far from being fair. We need to get together as cartoonists and protest this situation.

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Some decades ago, the NYT was criticizing West Point cadets for being humorless, and one of them put up a sign saying any newspaper that doesn't carry the funnies is in no position to criticize.

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They should go back to having an ombudsperson or public editor. Instead they think they can rely on, I don't know, Twitter or something for feedback.

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Political cartoons provide a much needed voice with a special perspective. The New York Times has become less of itself lately and this is just one more example of the decline.

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boy they are really pulling all the stops on the road to get everyone to hate them don't they?

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The @nytimes is led by weak minded cowards. I am SO very glad I ended any subscriptions I had years ago. They are the worst of the worst in political coverage today.

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I remember how in high school they made us analyze political cartoons from WW2. Cartoons are part of history and it’s a mistake to remove them. Except it’s not a mistake, it’s a willful decision which is even more worrisome.

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New York Times editorial page editor James Bennet told Fox News that the paper was considering removing political cartoons for “well over a year” and will no longer be printing them beyond July 1.

Yes, blame Trump — he practically runs The New York Times, you know.
Cartoonist dismayed to hear The New York Times is doing away with political cartoons Cartoonist dismayed to hear The New York Times is doing away with political cartoons Reviewed by Your Destination on June 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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