And there’s more: Journalist digs through the archives, unearths ‘the creepiest Joe Biden find so far’

The media might have dozed off during the two terms when Joe Biden served as vice president, but ever since Biden bragged at a fundraiser about his ability to work with Democrat segregationists like James O. Eastland; “He never called me boy,” Biden recalled, oddly.
Ever since then, journalists have awakened from their slumber and done some more digging into that period in Biden’s congressional tenure; it turns out he called 1984 presidential candidate Jesse Jackson “boy,” and he also voted to restore citizenship to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Leeand Jefferson Davis, who’d served as president of the Confederacy — kind of problematic, considering statues of Lee are causing so much pain and trauma that they have to be taken down or covered with tarps.
But journalist and historian Rick Perlstein says he’s found the “creepiest” item yet — and Biden knows creepy.
“I think I’ve made it possible for liberals to come out of the closet...If it isn’t yet a respectable liberal position, it is no longer a racist one....I think the Democratic Party could stand a liberal George Wallace..." 2/x

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"Someone who’s not afraid to stand up and offend people, someone who wouldn’t pander, but would say what the American people know in their gut is right.” 3/x

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This, of course, recalls the Goldwater 1964 campaign slogan, "In your heart you know he's right"... 4/x

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.which was a clever dogwhistle intimating that the only reason voters didn't publicly expound Goldwaterism was fear of social sanction from smug liberals (who also knew Goldwater was right, too, but would rather shame people via virtue signaling that Handle The Truth). 5/x

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But Goldwater had the excuse that he was sending voters into the booth with the whole banquet of his positions in their hearts, from defense to government spending to his "constitutional" but non-racist opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 6/x

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Ah, but Biden: by roping George Wallace into it, he gets no such out: it's a straight up racist dogwhistle. FIN

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Totally a weird coincidence that none of the lefty media could be bothered to dig up any of this from 2008-16.

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The DNC is more powerful than you know. Everyone knows Biden and is ilk are racists. Why was the media silent from 08-16? Cause politics above all else

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Quick question, where was all of this info in 2008 when he was running to be a heartbeat from the Presidency as Cool President's off color sidekick?

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Binden's gonna put black people "back in chains" just like he said. He's clearly part of the racist old Dem party of the South.

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Whoa, even Splinter is running with this. They obviously have other candidates on their short-list.

It’s going to be awesome when you guys find out what Warren did on her Harvard application
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And there’s more: Journalist digs through the archives, unearths ‘the creepiest Joe Biden find so far’ And there’s more: Journalist digs through the archives, unearths ‘the creepiest Joe Biden find so far’ Reviewed by Your Destination on June 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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