SJW BACKFIRE: Anti-Trump Game Removed From Apple Store Over Satire

Apple has removed the Bad Hombre anti-Trump game from their app store because, under the authoritarian anti-free speech rules that Social Justice Warriors have pushed for, you are not permitted to depict swastikas and Klan hoods — even to criticize them.

It seems as though the anti-free speech brigade did not expect for their own jokes to end up censored as well.
The game was created by 16-year-old Jackie George and recently won the Shortly Award and was featured in her school’s newsletter. Soon after, she found her app banned from both Apple’s Store and Google Play.
“In the gaming section, you battle the Bad Hombre and all of the idiotic and hateful things he does. You can trash his tweets, fight hatred with tolerance and love, or even try your hand at fleeing the Feds. New levels will be added regularly and all updates will be included in the initial purchase,” the game’s description in the Google Play store reads. “In the education section, you can learn which news outlets offer the most unbiased and factual information. Don’t fall for fake news, and certainly check everything the Bad Hombre says. Also, you can learn more about the national organizations that are fighting hatred and intolerance every day. Connect with these organizations to resist the Bad Hombre in real life!”
While Google was quick to reinstate the app, Apple has demanded some serious changes to the game before they will even consider restoring it. Their changes include removing characters that look like KKK members from a level where you are supposed to “turn bad guys good” by throwing “hearts and love” at them, removing swastika imagery, and removing all screens showing monuments burning or damaged government buildings.
Essentially, the satire police came for George’s game using the same rules that the left has set for everyone else.
We tried to warn them about this extremely slippery slope.
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