Bombshell Report: Cops Linked Crack Pipe to Biden’s Son Days Before Election, Charges Swept Under the Rug

Most average Americans who are caught committing crimes — especially drug-related offenses — are likely to face serious consequences for their poor decisions.
But if you’ve got connections, particularly to ultra-powerful figures in Washington, D.C., the chances of a criminal incident going away increases significantly, as was the case for former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.
According to a 2016 Arizona police report obtained exclusively by Breitbart, a crack pipe was found in a rental car that was dropped off in the middle of the night in a Prescott, Arizona, location — just days before the 2016 Presidential election. Two driver’s licenses with Biden’s legal name (Robert Biden), credit cards, a Secret Service business card and an attorney general’s badge were also recovered from the vehicle, according to police.
The report said that police also found “a white powdery substance in the arm rest of the vehicle.” And given the fact that authorities confirmed the pipe was used for smoking cocaine, the substance on the arm rest probably wasn’t powered sugar.

Biden originally rented the vehicle from a California Hertz location, with the intention of dropping it off in Prescott. But what he probably didn’t intend on doing is leaving his identification and drug paraphernalia in the car in a drop-off.
The report takes a bizarre turn concerning events that happened the day after Hertz employees made the discovery. That next morning, a phone call to Hertz from a local “Colon Hydrotherapist” was received and on other end was a man by the name of “Joseph McGee.”
As Breitbart reported, “‘McGee’ informed the rental car company employee, according to police, that ‘his friend was feeling sick so they didn’t know what to do’ when the car was returned. Police, according to a Prescott Police Department detective’s supplemental report, sought and obtained a subpoena to discover the source of the ‘Joseph McGee’ phone call — and traced it to a phone number owned and operated by a renowned ‘Colon Hydrotherapist’ in the region.”
Of course, police couldn’t reach or locate “Joseph McGee” for an interview, nor were calls to Hunter Biden’s phone number provided to Hertz answered. Imagine that?
Even though the 23-page report repeatedly referred to a “narcotics offense” with “Robert Hunter Biden” as the suspect, two Prescott police officers, a detective and the county’s attorney’s offices declined to prosecute the privileged young man.
Apparently they refused to drop the hammer on Biden because they only figured it would amount to minor charges, so it was sent down a level to the city attorney, who also decided not to prosecute.
There was no clear reason why that decision was reached by the city attorney in the police report.
It should be noted that according to the Washington Examiner, Biden was discharged from the Navy Reserves in 2012 — just one month after joining — because of a random drug test that tested positive for cocaine. He was only able to join the Navy Reserves in the first place with a drug waiver for a “drug-related incident” in his past.
His first wife, Kathleen, detailed in divorce papers that Biden spent large amounts of their money on drugs, hookers and other forms of illicit entertainment.
This kind of incident goes to show that individuals such as Biden can virtually do whatever they want with little to no consequence. Had someone else turned in a rental car with a crack pipe and apparent drug residue in the vehicle, odds are good that they’d be in serious legal trouble.
People have gone to jail for less.
Bombshell Report: Cops Linked Crack Pipe to Biden’s Son Days Before Election, Charges Swept Under the Rug Bombshell Report: Cops Linked Crack Pipe to Biden’s Son Days Before Election, Charges Swept Under the Rug Reviewed by Your Destination on May 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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