Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clarifies that illegal aliens pay TONS in taxes (and don’t get refunds)

Right-wing media, which is obsessed with freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been pinpointed as the reason the representative’s poll numbers are dropping — it couldn’t possibly be because of her socialist-informed policy positions, meditations on the price of croissants, or tweets like this one from Saturday.
Ocasio-Cortez was responding to a not-at-all-biased piece by NowThis News, which, like most videos from NowThis News, cites one person: immigration advocate “Juan.”

Undocumented immigrants pay billions in federal taxes every year — Juan is one of them, and he’s setting the record straight

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That video was good enough for Ocasio-Cortez.
Some people peddle the myth that undocumented people are free riders.

Yet undocumented residents pay TONS in taxes💰to finance public services they can’t/don’t even use. Most don’t get tax refunds, either.

Correct this bogus argument. It’s rooted in “welfare queen” stereotypes.

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Um … just curious … what Social Security number do illegal immigrants use on their 1040s?
Always the taxes they pay...because people working under the table pay taxes?

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No they don’t if they’re paid in cash. Whether it’s a drug dealer or an illegal alien.

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If they are paid cash, they pay no taxes. If they have no social security number they can't be put on a pay roll. They pay no taxes!

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Curious! @AOC, What social security number they use to pay their taxes and what makes them want to pay?

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I worked for an agriculture company that hired illegals. I was told if they had a social security card that looked real from 50 paces, they were to be hired. I turned in lots of W-4 forms where illegals clamed 12 dependants, paid minimum tax AND filed for yearly refunds!

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The data on this actually show the opposite. Few illegal immigrants pay taxes, but each illegal immigrant costs the American taxpayers $70K per year. Their tax burden far outweighs their input. One of my staff came here legally & was upset at the illegals who evaded citizenship.

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She needs to be shown the factual figures about the cost to America of these illegals. Of course, she wouldn't understand them nor would she believe them because they don't fit with her agenda.

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The remittances back to Mexico are in the billions...workers draining the U.S. of money is the largest industry in Mexico. This is the reason Mexico wants as many Mexicans to get into the U.S. to work as possible. The remittances NEED TO BE TAXED to pay for the border wall.

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Every illegal child who attends school costs the city on average of $14,000 per child. It also takes away services from legal immigrants and citizens. No one with kids in school believes this narrative, especially those who are most in need of services.

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The problem is when they bring their relatives who become eligible to receive SS and SSI without paying into the system.

I support helping immigrants; however, if they want their tax refund then they need to fix their legal status. We can't continue being passive enablers.

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I’d be curious as to how @AOC has come to these conclusions. Personal interviews with “undocumented”? IRS interviews?

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As we said, she got it from a video featuring an “immigration advocate” who’s here illegally himself and pays taxes; therefore, assume all illegal immigrants pay taxes.
This isn't about Juan, it's about following the proper laws to obtain entry & citizenship. I have many Mexican friends who came here legally thru the proper arenas and are true American immigrants. He doesn't get a pass for breaking the law just cuz he pays taxes.
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They can be free riders if they want because you want to provide economic security to those unwilling to work. Regardless, that isn't the point. They are here illegally. They skipped the line instead of waiting their turn and going through the right hoops.
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But your honor, yes my client is a convicted felon and escaped prison but he does not Jay walk and he comes to a complete stop at stop signs and never runs red lights! Therefor she is an upstanding citizen.
The leftist lawyer
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No one should pay “tons in taxes”. At least we a Democrat finally talking about immoral taxation rates. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Let’s stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country (and sacrifice the TONS they pay in taxes) and see how it all works out.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clarifies that illegal aliens pay TONS in taxes (and don’t get refunds) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clarifies that illegal aliens pay TONS in taxes (and don’t get refunds) Reviewed by Your Destination on April 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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