Pregnant teenager sleeps on sofa in mould-ridden flat despite damning GP warning

A pregnant teen weeks away from giving birth faces bringing her baby home to a mould-ridden flat.
Dental nurse Samantha Bartley's repeat requests to move have been denied by housing association Places for People despite the fact at 37 weeks pregnant she's having to sleep on the sofa and wash herself with bottled water.
The 19-year-old, from Newcastle, even got a letter from her GP saying "living in a damp atmosphere can have a significant effect on her health and the health of her newborn baby" but the company still is not helping, ChronicleLive reports.
Samantha also been told partner Michael Kelly is unable move into the flat as there is only room for two people, meaning the family will be forced to live apart.
Miss Bartey said the lift also breaks and the water supply goes off regularly.
"I've never been so stressed," she said.
The mould in Miss Bartley's bedroom 
A cap left in the bedroom is covered in mould spores 
"We can't get excited about anything, I've ordered baby things but I can't even bring them over to the flat because I'm so scared of them getting damp. They're all having to be delivered to my mam's."
Samantha moved into the flat in August 2017 when she was 18.
She said: "When I first moved in the windows were covered with condensation. A company came round to remove it but then the damp started in the bedroom.
The GP letter obtained by Miss Bartley 

"No-one's ever been out to look at it again, and that was almost two years ago.
"You can smell the damp everywhere in the flat but it's only visible in the bedroom and cupboard.
"My clothes absolutely stink, and I don't even sleep in the bedroom, I have to sleep on the sofa.
"If it's on my clothes it must be in the air, and it can't be something I'm doing if it's only on that wall."
Miss Bartley has obtained a letter from her GP confirming the damage to her health which could be caused by the damp 
The block is managed by Places for People 

Samantha also says the lift "breaks regularly", leaving her to get up six flights of stairs, and that the water has gone off on six occasions in the past year.
"How am I supposed to get a pram up those stairs, and how am I supposed to sterilise bottles with no water?" she said.
"The last time it was off for two days - I've been buying bottles of water to wash with."
Samantha Bartley says the issues are particularly frustrating as both her and her partner work and don't claim any benefits 

She added: "It's just really annoying because we both work, we don't claim any benefits, and I just feel like we're getting nowhere.
"I've tried to get them to do the repairs so many times and they acknowledge it but they don't actually do anything about it.
"I'm constantly worrying and it just gets you down. It's been really hard." 

A spokesperson for Places for People said: “We are committed to providing and maintaining places where people genuinely want to live.
“We are sorry if Ms Bartley feels our high standards have not been met.
“Our regional maintenance manager will be visiting Ms Bartley’s home to investigate any occurrences of damp, while a window seal repair is already booked for May 13.
“The lift at Baxterwood Court has needed minor repairs twice in the past 12 months, but we are continually aiming to improve the reliability of these systems.
“Northumbria Water has sole responsibility for the water supply at Baxterwood Court and we are working closely with them to resolve any issues.”
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