Ivanka Trump slammed after sharing photos from family vacation: 'Shame on you'

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Ivanka Trump is once again getting heat after sharing her family life on social media.
Just two weeks after her post about her youngest son’s sleep habits drew comparisons to the treatment of migrant children in border detention centers, the White House senior adviser is once again being criticized for documenting lighthearted moments with her own kids.

While most of her family spent the holiday weekend at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the first daughter — who, having converted to Judaism ahead of her marriage to Jared Kushner, is celebrating Passover — is enjoying some time off in Wyoming.
The trip included some snowmobiling with what appears to be the oldest of her three children, 7-year-old daughter Arabella.
Trump supporters flooded the comments with well wishes, but others were offended.
“How can you post pictures having fun with your kids while your father's administration separated so many children from their families, kept them in abhorrent conditions with little if any chance of ever reuniting them — immoral and criminal,” read one comment. “Shame on you.”
“Spending tens of thousands of tax money on another trip!” scolded another critic.
“Nepotism Barbie loves spending our tax dollars nonstop on her worldwide selfie tour,” added another commenter. “I’m so glad that we all voted to give daddy’s princess an unlimited budget of [our] tax dollars to travel the world nonstop taking selfies to further her Instagram influencer career.”
One supporter — one of many to wish Trump a happy Easter, though she doesn’t celebrate the holiday — stood up to the backlash, writing, “Oh how I pray you get less of those selfish posts from brainwashed people.”
She’s not the only family member whose personal life has come under scrutiny during Donald Trump’s divisive presidency. Younger brother Eric Trump’s recent announcement that he and wife Lara are expecting a second child garnered negative reactions like “we’re full.”
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