Deep thoughts on the NRA from David Hogg: It’s the big tobacco of violence in America

First: if you remember, Parkland survivor David Hogg took a year off to try to energize and register young people to vote, but then he was accepted to Harvard — they must have been impressed with his organization of the March for Our Lives and his thoughtful and considered tweets about gun control, like this one:
He’s still the NRA’s biggest nightmare (not), and on Tuesday he shared a bizarre analogy:
Are we even sure he knows for certain that the NRA does not sell guns? It’s a civil rights group focused on the Second Amendment. The thing about big tobacco is, they actually sold tobacco.
Besides, we’d love for Hogg to share his breakdown of all violent acts in America last year and tell us how many were traced to NRA members.
More accurate: Gun control advocates are the anti-vaxxers of self-defense. They rely on anecdotal evidence and fallacious logic to push their lies...

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The NRA is the American people. The "big tobacco" of violence in American are leftists who support the Democrat Party. Making all the excuses in the world for their failure. People like you who are too cowardly to address people who actually commit crime.

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No, because “big tobacco” sells tobacco. NRA doesn’t sell guns. Americans would still buy guns without the NRA. I, as well as many other people, have owned guns for years and have just now become an NRA member.

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Still blaming the NRA for a school shooting they had nothing to do with the actions of the shooter were his alone but if you want to be mad at somebody be mad at the person that kept his criminal records off the computers and allowed him to buy that rifle

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Luckily, there are stores here in Texas where you can buy your AR-15, 100 round-double drum mags, ammo and a can of Copenhagen all in one convenient spot.

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Sounds like my kind of place, where is the best area to look for real estate? May just make the jump!

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You have to show your license each time you buy a pack. It doesn’t matter if there’s snow on the roof and you’re as old as dirt. A 7/11 clerk has more power over you than the NRA regarding guns.

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Dude, you’re irrelevant
You had you’re 15 mins and milked an average SAT score into a pity admission into Harvard

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Hey, speaking of Harvard, guess who else was recently accepted? Another Parkland survivor who fights for school safety while protecting Second Amendment rights:
After a year of fighting for school safety legislation and accountability in Parkland.

Im honored to announce that I’ve been accepted into Harvard!! 🎉🎉
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If would be fun if the two had a debate class together.
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