CALM DOWN: #MeToo champion Rob Reiner mansplains for Joe Biden, says it’s time to move on, ladies

We’re old enough to remember, and maybe you are too, the founding of the MoveOn movement. It happened during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings and the name literally was shorthand for, we all know what Clinton did, now can we just censure him and move on?
The group is still around, organizing protests this week demanding the immediate release of the unredacted Mueller report, but never forget what it was they originally wanted to move on from.
We’ve already seen #MeToo champion Alyssa Milano flush all her credibility with that group by vouching for Joe Biden and saying it’s his intent that matters, not how the women he groped and sniffed and kissed felt. And now it looks like Reiner’s taking that same tack — that non-apology video Biden put out must have been more powerful than we realized.
Unwanted sexual advances is a needed subject of national conversation. I submit you can’t punish both murder & jaywalking with a death sentence. Joe Biden has addressed the issue of personal space discomfort. Time to move on & focus on #1 priority. 86 The Liar!
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Biden’s addressed the issue, which is practically jaywalking compared to the stuff President Trump has done (like collude with Russia). We need to have a national conversation on unwanted sexual advances, but now that women are coming forward to initiate that conversation, Reiner thinks they should just drop it so we can all … move on.
Yes Biden did address it but, unfortunately, by making jokes about it now I think he may have undone some of that goodwill.
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I don’t understand why he’d joke about it. Twice. Apparently, his staff sent him outside after the speech to try to clean it up.
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Just yesterday at the Hilton here in DC he used the issue of consent twice as a joke. And the came out and immediately apologized. His candidacy would be a series of gaffes and cringe inducing moments.
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But see the joking from him today, Rob. Joe is being tone deaf and acting dumb, undoing all the goodwill he could have had from a true apology and responsible actions to back it up, don’t you agree?
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@robreiner @Mimirocah1 I tended to agree w/ your sentiment, until Biden hits campaign trail next day and cracks several jokes about it!? Super tone deaf and shows he's not truly sorry, thinks he did nothing wrong. Is he Trump? Absolutely not. But we must demand/expect more!
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people don't want to give him a death sentence, they just don't want him to be the president?
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He made a joke about it. He can't change and doesn't get it. He will LOSE the general if he's forced on us
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Biden blamed it on changing social norms. 😂

Didn't even apologize. Not one of his finer moments. Which is too bad. We need him not to self destruct during the primaries.
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Imagine my surprise a wealthy, white guy has decreed it is “time to move on” from Joe Biden’s fondling and subsequent jokes about it.
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*sigh*. Why are men so exhausting? When will even liberal men believe women when we say something is important to us? Rob, we women ARE the party, and we’re tired of being told what to stomach. Listen to us.
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Women should also be made to feel comfortable to speak up in the moment when they are put in an uncomfortable situation. Do not respond with "Oh, come on, I didn't mean anything by it." The only acceptable response is "Oh, sorry It won't happen again."
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Crossing personal boundaries and/or touching another individual without permission is baked in privilege and power and is not ok.
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Oh, I guess it's been settled, then. No further need to listen to women, guys. We got it all sorted out.
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That’s basically what most are saying to me 🙄 It’s all been boiled down to a hug or kiss on the cheek now, which of course isn’t even the behavior the complaint was about.
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You have no political capital left, Russiagate grifter. You 86'd your own Hollywood version of "Resistance" with a conspiracy theory based in xenophobia and Red Baiting. Have you no sense of decency left, sir?
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CALM DOWN: #MeToo champion Rob Reiner mansplains for Joe Biden, says it’s time to move on, ladies CALM DOWN: #MeToo champion Rob Reiner mansplains for Joe Biden, says it’s time to move on, ladies Reviewed by Your Destination on April 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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