School district denies teacher called student the N-word during incident

A middle school teacher allegedly called a student the N-word during an incident in gym class, but a district investigation found no evidence of him using the racial slur.
Two 7th-grade students got into an altercation during gym class on March 15 at Mitchell Middle School in Racine, Wisconsin, reported The Journal Times. Video of the incident was sent to Yahoo Lifestyle from a local attorney representing the family of 12-year-old Israel Bolton.
In the video, a teacher wearing a black-and-gray shirt is seen holding Israel on the gym floor and, allegedly saying, “Boy (N-word), you need some more work. I’m sick of you guys.”
The alleged utterance is scarcely audible on the video, but the family heard the N-word and the Racine Unified School District did not.
“We are extremely saddened that anyone would make these types of accusations against a teacher who made every effort to protect his students and colleagues,” Stacy Tapp, the district’s chief of communication, told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Neither the video nor any of the statements taken from those involved (including the police report) support the claims being made. And there is no evidence to support the claim that the teacher used a racial slur.”

“The district did an immediate and thorough investigation of this incident that also involved the Racine Police Department,” said Tapp. “Based upon that investigation which includes statements from students and staff who were involved as well as those who witnessed the situation and video evidence, we believe the teachers were acting to support student and staff safety.” A spokesperson from the Racine Police Department did not return messages from Yahoo Lifestyle.
Tapp also told Yahoo Lifestyle that on Friday, a student involved admitted to “shouting the N-word multiple times” during the incident, and a witness confirmed that. However, concerning whether the voices on video belonged to a teacher or student, Tapp said, “The District has reviewed extensively and cannot positively identify who is speaking nor specifically what is being said.”
Israel’s father, Quentin Bolton, told Yahoo Lifestyle that his son was suspended from school for five days, as was the other student involved in the incident. Israel was also treated in the emergency room for a bump on his head.
“I asked the teacher if he used the N-word and he said, ‘No, never’,” Quentin told Yahoo Lifestyle. “The school has never even asked my son what happened. This has been hurtful and horrendous.”
Quentin said the boy in the video has bullied his son for months, to the school’s indifference. “Last month, this kid and his friends locked my son inside a bathroom stall and he had to fight his way out,” he said. “I met with the school and they didn’t do anything about it.”
Milwaukee attorney Christoper Stawski, who is representing the Bolton family, told Yahoo Lifestyle he thinks the district should re-examine the recorded evidence. He also sent a letter to Superintendent Eric Gallien and Principal Demetri Beekman asking to implement safety measures in school for Israel.
Israel has been warned that if another physical altercation occurs, he won’t be allowed back at school, his father told Yahoo Lifestyle. The boy will now attend a private school next year.
In October, 70 teachers filed a grievance with the Racine Unified School District, claiming Mitchell Middle School was “in crisis” from children injuring 15 teachers, including one who was stabbed with a pencil, Milwaukee, Wis., news station Fox 6 Now reported.
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