Kevlar-Covered Bulletproof Backpacks To Go On Sale In U.S.

A bulletproof Kevlar-covered backpack from an Israeli company called ArmorMe will soon be hitting American shelves to protect students from school shootings or surprise terrorist attacks.
The Washington Free Beacon reports that the backpacks will be available in stores this February. In a news release announcing the product, security specialist and Israeli Defense Forces Colonel Dr. Gabi Siboni said the bag comes with two panels of Kevlar for every student.
"We never know when violent attacks may occur," said Siboni. "We designed this bag for every student and have given them one or two panels of Kevlar to provide safety.
"We built this backpack to address the daily reality of student life," he continued. "We wanted a pack that had style, was light, could carry a laptop, would last multiple academic years, and could breathe to ensure kids were comfortable. At the same time, we built this backpack to withstand a handgun attack."
The company says the backpacks can work in various attack scenarios and even comes with a demonstration guide about how to properly use the backpack.
"The packs are designed with safety in mind and for the most common attack scenarios," said the company's news release. "The Kevlar used exceeds the global standard for safety for handgun attacks."
A single-paneled backpack costs between $160 to $190 "with coverage from neck to waist when worn in front or back," according to ArmorMe. "The double-paneled backpack costs $210 to $250 and provides coverage for both sides of the torso or from the neck to the knees on their front or rear."
Following the Parkland shooting massacre in 2018, reports at the time showed that the sale of certain bulletproof backpacks actually increased in the United States.
"Sales of Bullet Blocker's fortified backpacks, which cost anywhere between $200 and $500, have seen a 30 percent boost in sales. The company claimed it sold 500 of the bags on Thursday, the day after the attack," the Daily Mail reported at the time. "On Bullet Blocker's website, there are up to 12 different bulletproof backpacks, ranging from $199 to $490."
"The BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Covert Backpack, which costs $330 online, is described as having an anti-ballistic panel which weighs roughly 20 oz, the same as a water bottle," the report continued. "The item comes in three different colours and has removable BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Covert Backpack."
Advocates of school safety typically leave the prospect of bulletproof backpacks out of the discussion and instead emphasize the need for armed security or armed teachers on campuses. This position was, quite shockingly, supported by the Parkland Shooting Commission following a lengthy study.
"The state commission tasked with investigating the tragic Parkland school shooting, which left 17 people dead, unanimously approved its comprehensive 458-page report Wednesday, and it's causing a stir," reported The Daily Wire's James Barrett. "Among its most notable recommendations is that trained teachers should be allowed to carry weapons on campus and internal investigations should be opened into multiple deputies under Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel."
"The report, produced by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission, puts the onus on school districts, law enforcement agencies, and state leaders to implement effective reforms in schools to better protect students from future tragedies," the report continued. "After being formally approved by the commission Wednesday, the report passes to state leaders, including newly elected Gov. Ron DeSantis."
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