Woman allegedly seeking revenge slashes tires, smashes windshields on the wrong car: 'I don't know when people stopped talking stuff out'

A New Orleans musician’s car was allegedly mistaken for that of somebody’s girlfriend, and he’s having serious car trouble because of it.
Will Murry parked his BMW around midnight on Thursday, and the next morning, Dec. 7, he found his front and back windshields smashed and his tires slashed. It’s allegedly the handiwork of a scorned lover, but unfortunately, it’s also a case of mistaken identity.
“The first thing I saw was the front windshield was smashed and there were pieces of paper underneath my windshield wipers,” Murry tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “So I started reading the note, and it was just like, ‘You’re a dirty ass bitch, f*** you. Your p**** stink. You bitches gon die.’” That’s when he realized that this mess wasn’t meant for him. “It said, ‘He should told you I’m coming!’ and when I saw that, I was like, uh, this is obviously not meant to happen to me. This is obviously from some scorned girlfriend mad at a man,” he explains.

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The offender also left some medical documents. “She left two medical documents saying that she got chlamydia and gonorrhea,” Murry recalls. “She tried to marker out her name, but I just put it up to the light and I could see her name. I would assume that’s her. But obviously, innocent until proven guilty.”

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“You bitches need to go to the doctor,” the car’s alleged assailant wrote. “Yall burning people and passing out STD!”
Murry inspected the rest of the car. “I started walking around the car and saw that she had taken the bat to the rear windshield and then also slashed my two passenger-side tires. Only one of the tires was flat, though,” he says.
That’s about the only good luck he’s had in a few months, at least when it comes to his car. “I’ve been having some vehicle problems. And that’s not even my car,” he shares.
“My truck was stolen from in front of my house about two or three months ago,” he says. His mom was getting a new car, so she let him use her old one. “She was like, ‘You can borrow this car until I sell it or you get a new vehicle.’” His bad luck struck again. “Right when she gave it to me, I got in an accident; somebody hit me and it totaled the car. And you can’t get comprehensive insurance on a totaled car,” he says. “I didn’t have the car while it was getting repaired for, like, three weeks.”
A few days after he got it back, his bad luck returned. “I finally got that car back and started getting back on track. And then about three days after having it, that’s when this happened.”
Murry filed a report with the police, hoping they’d find the person who did this and that she would pay for the damages. “I play in a band called the Iceman Special — that’s all I do for a living is play music in New Orleans, and I pedicab a little bit. And a musician’s salary is not that much,” he says.
Naturally, Murry looked on Facebook and thinks he found the responsible party but doesn’t plan on reaching out anytime soon. “I didn’t reach out. I was waiting on the police to handle things. I don’t know if I want to confront this woman because she doesn’t seem like a stable person,” he says. “I don’t want to get into it with this woman that thinks it’s OK to take a baseball bat to someone’s car who she doesn’t know.”
The police haven’t done much as of yet, he says. “I would imagine my car is not the first thing on the PD’s list,” he reasons. “I gave them the name and the notes. The cop did say that they would be looking into talking to her.” If they don’t, Murry might take matters into his own hands. “I might contact her in the future, assuming that’s her name and that’s her Facebook profile.”
While his initial reaction was confusion, once it all sank in, he managed to see the humor in it. “I didn’t start thinking it was funny until like an hour after,” he says. “I can’t really have a bad outlook because there’s not anyone I can be specifically mad at.” Plus, it could be worse. “There are a lot of people less fortunate than me,” he says. “I’m pretty blessed that I have family to help take care of me, and my friends and my band and stuff, they really help take care of me.”
And he doesn’t blame the woman — entirely. “I blame him for being a douchebag,” Murry says, “but I blame this woman in part. … I don’t know when people stopped talking stuff out.”
Woman allegedly seeking revenge slashes tires, smashes windshields on the wrong car: 'I don't know when people stopped talking stuff out' Woman allegedly seeking revenge slashes tires, smashes windshields on the wrong car: 'I don't know when people stopped talking stuff out' Reviewed by Your Destination on December 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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