Luke Skywalker Asked To Compare Trump To Darth Vader; You Can Guess How It Goes

Is there a villain that Donald Trump isn't worse than in the minds of his Hollywood critics? Well, one that he is emphatically more evil than, in Luke Skywalker's view anyhow, is one of the most iconic bad guys in cinematic history: Luke's tyrannical, dark Force-wielding father, Darth Vader.
In what The Washington Post clearly felt was a perfect Christmas day piece, Jonathan Capehart gave readers a chance to reflect on just how awfuleviltyrannicalcruelHitlerian Trump really is by "bringing back an old favorite," Mark Hamill, to provide some more Tinseltown trashing of Trump.
"For Christmas, we’re bringing back an old favorite: Mark Hamill!" writes Capehart. "He talks about why Star Wars still resonates so strongly and shares some stories from Star Wars history that you might not have heard before. If you follow Hamill on Twitter, you know he loves politics. So, when I asked him about his thoughts on comparisons of President Trump and former vice president Richard B. Cheney to Darth Vader, you won’t be surprised by his answer."
So what is Hamill's response to comparisons of Trump (and Cheney) to the fictional, mostly mechanized man who spent most of his adult life terrorizing the universe?
"Listen, I really get upset then when people compare [Trump] or even Dick Cheney to Darth Vader … ’cause Darth Vader repented. He saw the error of his ways. I don’t see either one of them doing that," Hamill told Capehart, who was clearly happy to report the response to the left-leaning Post's readers.
As Capehart mentions, Hamill's Twitterfeed, like so many of his colleagues', is littered with political posts — most of which are obsessively focused on Trump. A few examples of his Trump-themed posts from just the last week:
"'The fact is there is nothing ELSE'S that will work'?" Hamill wrote Friday, quoting a Trump tweet. "Seriously? I wish you knew GRAMMAR better than anyone. At least get a proof-reader, dude! As for technology, you know you're on film struggling & failing to close an umbrella, right?"
Just two tweets later, Hamill used a post by another celebrity who is likewise obsessed with Trump, Stephen Colbert, as another opportunity to swipe at the president, this time for supposed "Russian collusion," or something:
Hamill couldn't hold off slamming Trump again even for a single tweet, posting an image of the "Worst. Christmas. Movie... EVER":
Managing to keep himself from tweeting about Trump for a full day, Hamill hit him again on Christmas Eve.
"Bad News: You repeatedly promised American taxpayers a FREE wall that would cost our country NOTHING, because MEXICO would pay for it! Remember? (It's on film if you need to refresh your memory) The Good News is: I think you just found your 2020 Campaign Slogan: #PoorMe!" Hamill wrote.
Even on Christmas day Hamill couldn't help himself, jumping on the "Trump ruined a little girl's Christmas" train:
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