Inside home from hell where dogs and cats resorted to CANNIBALISM to survive while living in own faeces (7 Pics)

These horrific photos capture the sickening state of a home strewn with animal carcasses and poo, in which ten neglected cats and dogs were forced to live.
Two husky-type dogs and eight cats were locked in rooms for months, made to sleep in their own excrement and starved.
The cats were starved so badly they had eaten the rotting bodies of other dead pets, Bristol Live reports.
Five of the animals died as a result.
Now, Paula Davidson, 39, has been given a 12-week suspended sentence after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to eight cats and two dogs by failing to provide adequate food and supervision.
She was given a 25 day rehabilitation requirement, banned from keeping any animal for an indefinite period of time and will pay £250 costs and victim surcharge.
Dr Giles Brown, chairman of the bench at Bristol Magistrates' Court, said: "You caused unnecessary and prolonged cruelty to cats and dogs in your care."
Footage taken inside the property in Brislington, Bristol, and deemed too disturbing to publish was played in court on Monday. In which, an Avon and Somerset officer is heard saying "I can’t breath. My eyes are hurting the smell is so bad."
Kate Burhnam-Davies, prosecuting, said the officer called it the worst property she had ever seen in her years working for the force.

She described "entrails and clumps of fur strewn across the floor" with "officers unable to walk across the floor without stepping on excrement and carcasses".
An RSPCA inspector identified the carcasses of five young cats which had been eaten away by other starving cats during the visit in December last year.
The two huskies had been locked in a small kitchen and bathroom, both of which were inches deep in dog mess.
Davidson had lived at the property with the animals and her grandmother, Betty Long, but she died in September last year.
Betty's carers, Claire and Ashley, conceded the conditions were vile in the home before her death.

Claire said: "It was pretty grim. There was faeces and wee everywhere.
"The stench was really eyewatering. You couldn’t breath in there, the smell was that bad."
Ashley added: "You had to put plastic bags on your shoes to walk through the house.

"We kept Betty’s room clean because it wasn’t fair on her. But the rest of the house was a nightmare."
David Fanson, defending, explained that Davidson’s mental health had deteriorated after the death of her grandmother, leading her to be sectioned under the mental health act.
Neighbours in Bristol were stunned to learn about the conditions in the house

Police told Davidson she could sign the animals over to the care of the RSPCA , but she did not accept the offer.
Davidson told officers she was living with a friend but returning to the house on Ashton Drive twice a day to care for the animals. However Ms Burhnam-Davies said police heard from neighbours that the house had been deserted for days or even weeks.
Mr Fanson said Davidson had no previous convictions, had entered an early guilty plea and her mental health was a key factor in the case.
"She couldn’t face up to anything," he explained.
"At the time this came about she had suffered, in layman's terms, a massive mental collapse."
Inside home from hell where dogs and cats resorted to CANNIBALISM to survive while living in own faeces (7 Pics) Inside home from hell where dogs and cats resorted to CANNIBALISM to survive while living in own faeces (7 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on September 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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