HS Principal: Fans Held Racist 'We Love White' Signs At Football Game. Opposing Principal: That's Not The Full Story.

Two principals of Orange County high schools that squared off for a football game Friday night are publicly dueling over racially charged allegations after one principal accused fans of the other team of holding "We Love White" and "Build the Wall" posters.
The two high schools, Aliso Niguel High School and Santa Ana High School, played each other in football Friday night. But following the game, Santa Ana's principal, Jeff Bishop, accused the hosting team of giving his school a "racist welcome," claiming in a Facebook post that he saw fans holding up "We Love White" and "Build The Wall" signs and chanting "USA! USA! USA!" and "various other politically and racially-charged statements":
"Tonight Was Chance to Improve in every Way." Coach "T" reminded his players during his post-game chat with his STUDENT-Athletes. Tonight, the Wolverines were the better team! It would have been easy to blame the racist welcome the "Saints" received as they walked into the stadium and read the posters referencing - Trump, "We love White," "Build the Wall" and various other politically and racially-charged statements. What I love about OUR coach is that at no time did he allow this unchristian hate from the Wolverine stands affect HIS team. After hearing chants from the student cheering section - "USA-USA-USA" after the first two touchdowns, morally - I could not ignore it anymore! After talking to the principal and watching her and her Assistant principals snag the signs away from these disrespectful and out of control students - it seemed to help. Afterwards, it became more about football, athleticism and a healthy competition between two high school football teams. The opposing principal cried in disappointment after I explained that I would give her a short time to knock the racist, derogatory and demeaning behavior off, or else! I was happy about her response in squelching the righteous indignation that the Aliso Niguel Wolverines displayed tonight.

But as CBS Los Angeles reports, the Aliso Niguel principal, Deni Christensen, is pushing back on Bishop's claims, among them his condemnation of the "We Love White" posters. Bishop, a comment by Christensen suggests, left out a key detail in his Facebook post. Students were also wearing "We Love Red" and "We Love Blue" signs. CBS reports:
In a statement, Aliso Niguel principal Deni Christensen told CBSLA that Bishop came to Aliso Niguel’s sideline after the first quarter.
“He reported that his students and fans had seen the sign referencing President Trump before the game, and a sign that said 'We love red, we love white, we love blue,' along with our students arriving dressed in red, white and blue, and he felt that the entire atmosphere was inhospitable to his school and community,” Christensen said.
Christensen also said that neither she nor other administrators from the school saw any "Build the Wall" signs, though they did see two politically charged posters: "Bring Back Obama" and "We're Going To Trump You," both of which they removed.

Ahead of the game, Aliso Niguel's team posted a message on Instagram encouraging fans to wear Red, White, and Blue for the game.
CBS notes that Bishop told the Orange County Register that he didn't clearly see the wording on the signs, because they were "way up" in the bleachers. Bishop told CBS that he did here a "small number of kids" say "It’s not a great day to be a Mexican now, is it?" His response, he said, was "oh hell no."
HS Principal: Fans Held Racist 'We Love White' Signs At Football Game. Opposing Principal: That's Not The Full Story. HS Principal: Fans Held Racist 'We Love White' Signs At Football Game. Opposing Principal: That's Not The Full Story. Reviewed by Your Destination on September 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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