Girl, 12, who cut hair short in memory of dead sister told new style is 'too extreme' for school (4 Pics)

Katelyn's haircut that she had to raise money for the Little Princess Trust and InspiredbyKeira

A 12-year-old girl who had her hair cut short to support charities inspired by her late sister was told it was "too extreme" after returning to school.
Katelyn Ball, 12, had her locks shorn to provide hair for a wig for the Little Princess Trust - and also to also raise money for the InspiredbyKeira charity, which was set up in honour of her sister Keira Ball.
Keira died in July last year following a car crash, Devon Live reports.
InspiredbyKeira was founded by her parents Joe and Loanna Ball to help other families who had lost children.
The school said workers did not shout at the family and that a compromise was agreed, but Mr Ball said he was upset by the school's reaction.

Tragic Keira Ball was killed in a car crash in July last year

Katelyn's long hair was chopped off in August in honour of her late sister

Dad Joe said: "Yesterday we had the headmaster... saying that Katelyn's hair cut is not acceptable as it is 'too extreme'.
"Personally I think they should be incredibly proud to have a pupil at their school who has the courage to cut her hair off for two amazing causes.
"Katelyn did this to raise money for #InspiredbyKeira to help other bereaved families and also to make a wig for a sick child who is unable to grow their own hair.
Keira with her mum, Loanna Ball

"What Katelyn did was hugely generous and selfless! I am so proud of her!"
News of the incident soon spread through Katelyn's family on Facebook , leading to some scathing comments.
One person said: "That's so wrong! The school should be promoting her actions."
Another said: "I think this is so disgusting. Put it in writing to the chair of governors of the school and see what they come back with."
Another person commented: "Brave girl with a big heart!"
On their website, South Molton Community College gives the following advice on hair as part of its uniform policy: "Extreme styles are not condoned by the college. Hair must be of a natural colour.
"If the hair is over shoulder length then it should be tied back for all practical lessons or where health and safety requires it.
"Shaving of any part of the head is not accepted (no grade 1). Pupils should not wear decorative items in their hair."
A spokesman for South Molton Community College said: "A reasonable compromise was suggested to parents.
"The suggestion made was that no sanctions would be taken, but we would expect her to grow out her hair over the next term, as it naturally would.
"This would then conform to school policy. The school is always supportive of any charity work that our students undertake."
Devon Live reported on the crash that killed Keira in July 2017 which led to our "We need it now" campaign to bring forward funding for improvements to the A361 North Devon Link Road.
Through organ donation, Keira saved the lives of four people - including the Mirror's "Change The Law" organ donation poster boy, Max Johnson.
After Keira's death, parents Joe and Loanna set up the InspiredbyKeira charity to raise money for other families who had lost children, as well as to raise awareness of organ donation.
Girl, 12, who cut hair short in memory of dead sister told new style is 'too extreme' for school (4 Pics) Girl, 12, who cut hair short in memory of dead sister told new style is 'too extreme' for school (4 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on September 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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