Fashion company's 'fat-shaming' sweatshirt sparks instant backlash

Fashion company Revolve is being slammed online for listing a sweatshirt that reads “Being fat is not beautiful it’s an excuse.” A very slender model is pictured in the $168 Paloma Sweatshirt on the company’s website.
The message has been slammed online by Twitter users as well as by plus-size model Tess Holliday, who called Revolve out saying the brand was “a mess.”

Several commented on Holliday’s thread and to the Revolve item, attacking the company for the “gross” and “judgemental” outfit.

Lemme guess! This shirt was designed to “encourage” people to lose weight but not make fun of them. BS! Can’t wait for the excuses!

This is gross..who even thought that would be a good idea

I normally don’t get offended by the fat title or shaming. However, this shirt sends the wrong message to people who are struggling with this. We should be teaching them every size is beautiful.

Imagine being that vain, self important and judgmental by wearing this

They didn’t think this one through. 

Nice to constantly have companies body shaming! It’s bad enough as it is with people having eating disorders because of pressure online and in the media.

WTF this is awful! This is damaging to all women.

What in the fatphobia is going on?! Who proofread this and thought this was okay?! 
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