Bizarre beauty contests from back in the day (40 Pics)

Miss Idaho Potato, 1935 (demonstrating how Idahoans bathe)
 NRA babes, Miami, 1930s
 A pageant sometime in the 30s, at the National Tobacco Festival in Virginia
1937 Miss Cigar Queen contestants
NOT Miss KKK, but "Miss Lovely Eyes" (I guess the faces were too distracting, but the bathing suits weren't). Sometime in the 30s.
Ankle contest judged by a policeman, 1930s
Radio Queen, 1939
The female judges of a Miss Lovely Legs contest, sometime in the 30s or 40s in New York
Miss Psywar, 1942 (psychological warfare is right!)
A huge Miss War Worker competition in Toronto, Canada, 1942
Date unknown, "Miss Quality Printing"
Miss Beautiful Legs contestants in Paris, 1946
Donut Queen Pat Marlowe, 1947
The Diaper Queen! Betty Barrett won big at the Diaper Service Institute of America convention, 1947
A 1947 perfect figure contest
Los Angeles, 1951. The Muller Brothers auto shop held  a beauty pageant in honor of their 3 millionth car wash, picking winners for each branch of their business. The following couple of pics are from that contest.
 A dubious honor, but she's working it
ow ow, Miss New Car Department
Sweater Queen, 1952 (with the future Sweater Queen; gotta start 'em young!)
Miss World contestants in 1953, on the wing of an airplane (look at all their faces, they're so happy!)
Miss Magic Marker 1954 (obviously)
Gail Hooper, 18-year-old Miss National Catfish Queen, 1954
Geene Courtney, Queen of National Hot Dog Week 1955, a pageant sponsored by (shocker) the Zion Meat Company
 Blueberry Queen, 1955
 Miss Correct Posture, 1956
 Miss International Posture Queen with her x-ray, 1957. They really had a thing for postures. And x-rays.
 New York City Donut Queen, 1957
Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957
A Marilyn Monroe-lookalike test at a resort, 1958
DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Chart published in a 1959 newspaper to show how Miss Worlds were chosen
Queen of the Circus, 1959
Miss Space, 1959
Miss Fat and Beautiful, London, 1960. The winner was pronounced "Britain's most glamorous fatty."
 Mean, lean Queen of Cuisine
National Hot Rod Queen, 1969
Miss Tall San Fernando Valley, 1970, who later went on to win Miss Tall Universe
Miss Beautiful Ape, 1972. Dominique Green (number 2) won the prize and a small role in the movie "Battle for the Planet of the Apes." Pretty wild!
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