'Where is your Christmas spirit?': Devastated parents slam posh store Harrods for 'disgraceful' Christmas Grotto fiasco (2 Pics)

Devastated parents who missed out on Harrods' Christmas Grotto have slammed the department store for a "nightmare" booking system which left children and parents distraught.
The Harrods grotto has been held every year since 1955 and this years include a visit to "Toy Kingdom", a present sack personalisation service, afternoon tea and a personal letter from Father Christmas.
Mums and dads who wanted to put a special smile on their children's faces at the famous store have been left disappointed and have lashed out at an "unfair" booking system.
Harrods said in a statement they have made "every effort to ensure as many of our customers as possible are able to visit."
In order to book tickets for the Christmas treat parents were told they had to spend money and become a Rewards cards customer to then receive a "save the date" email which would have a link to buy tickets for the grotto.

But when parents received the email from Harrods on Monday - dozens found the tickets had already sold out.
The store's Facebook page has been flooded with dozens of negative reviews from distraught parents who accused Harrods of "ruining Christmas".
Treen Leah wrote: "Absolute joke! Grotto fail! The booking system was supposed to support those who had bought with you! Didn't happen! Sham! Last year was able to secure tickets easily. This year they had gone before the email had been sent. Disgusted."
Samantha Hayne said: "People have purposely spent money to get in on this amazing experiences and you have taken advantage!
"I did not see anywhere within your emails that stated that we would NOT receive a date instead we would just have to sit on a first come first served basis to which I have missed out on after spending money in your store in order for the Christmas Santa experience.
"It is disgusting and false, you have given me the impression, and now possibly hundreds of others, of using children wanting to see Santa at Christmas in order for you to cash in on sales off it.
"I have a little boy who I now have to tell he won't be going to Harrods anymore, we missed out last year and were so excited to be going this year I constantly viewed your site throughout the year especially for your Grotto."
Zoe Davis said: "So you clearly send an email for the Christmas Grotto to the people who spend the most money with you first... then the rest get a pointless email sometime later.
"I, like many others, received an email and immediately went to book only to find it had already sold out and guess what? Everyone appears to have received their emails at very different times."
Harrods haven't responded to each of the negative reviews on Facebook but replying to one desperate mum they said: "Due to popular demand the Christmas Grotto is now fully booked and no additional dates will be release, please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused."
Another parent wrote on Facebook: "The grotto link was sent to me at 9.54am, according to customer services the spaces were all gone by 9.15am... what was the point in sending the link and save the date email with such pathetic availability?"
A spokeswoman for Harrods said: " The Grotto is available to all active Harrods Rewards members, which means all customers who have shopped with us within the last year are eligible to secure a Grotto ticket.
"This is clearly communicated to customers on the Harrods Grotto website.
"Unfortunately, due to exceptionally high demand, we are unable to accommodate everyone."
They added that the release date of tickets was "staggered" and was specified in the 'save the date' email which all Rewards cards customers received.
'Where is your Christmas spirit?': Devastated parents slam posh store Harrods for 'disgraceful' Christmas Grotto fiasco (2 Pics) 'Where is your Christmas spirit?': Devastated parents slam posh store Harrods for 'disgraceful' Christmas Grotto fiasco (2 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on October 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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